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What The Afterlife Is Like - The Proof Is In The Direct Experience States Brian McLaughlin, Author Of 'A Flight Without Wings'

McLaughlin's book about his NDE details his totally unique near death experience. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment, no preaching and no hidden agenda. McLaughlin will make several appearances in the Long Island, NY area in the coming months

Is there life after death? Does some component of the human mind survive death? Everybody has an opinion, but who has any proof?

A debate on Youtube offered by Intelligence Squared entitled 'Death Is Not Final' featured four speakers with four different perspectives. Eben Alexander, a popular author and NDE experiencer and Dr. Raymond Moody, author of a number of seminal books on NDE including 'Life After Life', argued for the motion. The debate also featured physicist Sean Carroll and neurologist Steven Novella, who argued against the motion.

The position taken by Carroll and Novella was that NDE's are not scientifically provable and that the effects produced by the near death experience could be the result of many other factors. That is a position held by many people and on the surface may appear to be sensible. Dr. Moody however argued that these types of experiences perhaps cannot be proven scientifically, as the NDE experience lies beyond the realm of science and the question is not a question for science. He offered the possibility that the final word on the afterlife may not be delivered via science, but could perhaps come rather through critical thinking and logic.

Should we believe the afterlife does not exist because it cannot be proven via the scientific method? Brian McLaughlin, author of 'A Flight Without Wings', believes Dr. Raymond Moody has finally given us the answer.

McLaughlin stated: “After watching the above mentioned debate, I was left with these personal conclusions:

The two skeptics Carroll and Novella spent most of their time trying to reason why an NDE shouldn’t  be possible, while still asking for proof of such an event. It was apparent that little existed outside our 5 sense- 3 dimension world for them. Eben Alexander seemed frustrated that Carroll and Novella weren’t impressed with his use of medical terms like neo-cortex, etc.

Dr. Ray Moody sat back and let them spew and when it was his turn, he calmly voiced the results of decades of research with people who have had an NDE. His mind appeared to be open to possibilities that the skeptics refuse to acknowledge.  Moody alluded to the impractical use of today’s science or quantum physics to prove or even disprove consciousness after death, indicating that perhaps the proof lies beyond typical metaphysical theories. I would like to offer Dr. Moody this theory:

For many, the proof of an afterlife is an NDE… a real  NDE, as described in his book ‘Life after Life’.  I have had occasion to witness a realm beyond what we are familiar with now. Somewhat scary, somewhat confusing, but real enough to have had a profound impact on my life over the last 20 years. For people like Ray Moody or even Deepak Chopra with progressive thinking , or Amit Goswami’s approach to consciousness and the brain causation, I could be considered one of the sources of unadulterated data on the subject."

Brian McLaughlin's book about his near death experience stands apart from the rest. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment and no hidden agenda. While his book has a spiritual flavor certain, there is no preaching and no religious messages. It is his near-death experience, just as it happened.

McLaughlin's experience changed the course of his life forever.  It instilled in him what we all seek - certainty about life after death. And with that a peace of  mind that can never be shaken, nor can it be doubted. His near death experience brought a sense of clarity. It brought a sense of real, lasting peace. He now knows with certainty that we exist forever. It is that simple message he brings to his audience, both through his book and at his speaking engagements.

Brian McLaughlin will be making several live appearances in the Long Island, NY area during July and August, 2016:

Sat. July 9 - Turn of the Cork Screw - Rockville Center, NY - Radio Interview, Book Signing     
Sat. August 27 - Rockville Center, NY - Street Fair   

Brian McLaughlin was chosen as one of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in 2015. Reviews of 'A Flight Without Wings' have been overwhelmingly positive. Jack Magnus, a reviewer with Readers Favorite, called the book a "well written and moving memoir that neither delves into the fanciful or dogmatic,...”  "…Well worth reading, and is highly recommended." Another stated, "Being a mother who lost her only child I found it to be a great comfort to me." Another said, "I have read many accounts such as these, but this beautifully written account simply touched my heart in ways that previous ones have not."

Mark Feuerstein, Actor (Royal Pains, USA Network) wrote: “I have read it and I think it’s an inspiring tale of deep insight and so personal and yet so universal . . . such profound perspective.”

Brian McLaughlin is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'A Flight Without Wings' is available at Amazon, Payhip and other book retailers. More information is available on his website at:

About Brian McLaughlin:

Brian McLaughlin is the award-winning author of 'A Flight Without Wings'. In his inspirational book, Brian vividly depicts his journey into Heaven and his following return to life caused by a massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico twenty-one years ago.


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