Thursday, September 29, 2016

Positive Psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein Designs Amazing All Encompassing Approach To Help Teens And Tweens Build Self Esteem

Dr. Holstein's short films, books, stage plays, selfies and videos are part of an array of tools parents and grandparents can use to reconnect with children and grandchildren

A recent article on the New York Times website entitled 'Want to Find Fulfillment At Last? Think Like a Designer'. One premise of the article is that we can, given the right approach, actually design the kind of life we desire. This allows us to take a conscious approach to fitting all of the pieces together - a life blueprint - for building what we want from the raw materials available. At the very core of this approach lies the primary goal. That is vitally important for two reasons:

a) Most people just look at their experiences and then try to make sense of the experiences after the fact. This is akin to trying to design something new and different by moving old, worn out pieces around without a plan. Designers don't do that because that does not work. And,

b) most people get overwhelmed as changes occur. This can result in seeing every new thing as an obstacle, rather than an opportunity.

Dr. Holstein takes the designer approach instead. Everything she produces is built around one central theme - teach kids, parents and grandparents how to build self esteem, good mental health, happiness and a sense of purpose. Her books, films, tools, videos, blogs and articles all play off those central themes. The end result is a vast collection of techniques that help people accomplish those goals. The concept is perfectly cohesive across all formats and staggering in the sheer number of ways that concept is approached from all conceivable angles. The selfie is her pet project.

"Most people see young people and their love of technology as a barrier to communication across generations," Dr. Holstein stated. "I see instead a real opportunity to connect. Maybe I think this way because I have been immersed for years in developing a cohesive approach to good mental health, happiness and a sense of purpose based on understanding and developing our talents, strengths and even hidden potential. We all have parts of ourselves that work well and we all have parts that are less functional or can even get us into trouble.  My ENCHANTED SELF positive psychology approach takes all of these factors in account and helps us develop our talents, strengths and potential to the fullest.  How? By teaching people how to focus on what is right about themselves, rather than what is wrong.  How to use their memory banks to retrieve their potential, not their failures.  Also I teach people how to recognize what their stumbling blocks are and how to gently and kindly start to work to get past them. 

"The thread that ties all of the ENCHANTED SELF methods together is communicating and understanding and looking for the pearls in each of us.  For example,  if I can recognize and acknowledge that I have self-esteem problems then I can begin to figure out how to move forward.  I can use the SEVEN GATEWAYS to HAPPINESS to realize that I have a fascinating story to tell, that I can figure out what I need to move forward, that I can find mentors, that if I feel depressed I can reach out, etc. 

"Going back to kids, technology is not a barrier.  It is just another tool to examine, figure out how to make useful and use as we learn even better techniques to communicate between generations. 

Some of Dr Holstein's individual approaches include:

The Truth: Diary of a Gutsy Tween
The Truth: I'm a Girl, I'm Smart and I Know Everything
Secrets: Diary of a Gutsy Teen
Enchanted Self: A Positive Therapy
Around Every Corner, Romance & Mystery
Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is You
Seven Gateways to Happiness: Freeing Your Enchanted Self

The Truth - A Short Film
The Truth - A Short, Short Film
Secrets - (in production)

Youtube - an entire series of TED style talks and various videos, including a Youtube channel

Stage Plays:
A number of stage plays based on 'The Truth' have been performed in the NYC area

Dr. Holstein's entire body of work is great for parents, grandparents, older siblings and teachers to establish lines of communication with the tweens and teens in their lives. Her books have received extremely positive reviews and numerous awards. Her short films have been chosen as Official Selections for a number of high profile film festivals.

Dr. Holstein is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other online retailers. More information is available at her website at


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness. Dr. Holstein's Enchanted Self website,, was just included as one of the best websites in positive psychology. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video 'TED' style talks on Happiness,  Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.


Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
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