Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Make Charitable Donations To An Animal Charity - Tales2Inspire Now Available For Fundraising

'Tales2Inspire' is an ongoing series of books that are inspiring and motivating. 'Tales2Inspire - Four Legged Teachers & Healers’ is filled with true animal stories.

Most of us are animal lovers in one way or another. However many of our four-legged friends are in desperate need of help. As an individual we can only do so much. One author has developed a way that allows us to indulge our enjoyment of animals and help them at the same time.

Lois W. Stern, developer of six published 'Tales2Inspire' collections, has announced that ‘Tales2Inspire' will partner with some worthy animal related organizations in their fundraising/income producing efforts. Because of her special love for four legged creatures, Stern will consider working with any reputable animal group, but will give first priority to companies that are dedicated to the happiness and well being of animals and their owners. She has made 'Tales2Inspire - Four Legged Teachers & Healers' available for use as a fundraising tool for reputable animal welfare organizations.

‘Tales2Inspire’ is ready to take action, working creatively to make this project a success. Stern will support the chosen company or organization in all phases of book development, from taking charge of story selection, editing, formatting and cover design to assisting in the developing of their online presence.

E-books will be purchased online, with funds deposited to the organization’s bank account immediately after each online sale. Non-profits can promote these purchases as tax deductible donations or even given as gifts to those who make donations above a specified amount. Stern assures interested organizations that they will sustain no upfront costs to a fundraiser with excellent income producing potential.

Further benefits to the animal organization include:

Excellent income producing potential
No upfront costs or fees
Minimal effort
Continual branding of organization and its subsidiaries (both inside and outside the book - i.e. exclusive book cover, company banner insertions, etc.)
Immediate payment (direct bank deposit with each book sale)
Quality product that in itself brings positive PR to organization

Over the past seven years ’Tales2Inspire’  has successfully published six anthologies of varied themes, with each book containing a compilation of stories filled with inspiring messages, edited and formatted by Stern. All stories are true, with the inclusion of original photographs to enhance each story. Stern is proud of her reputation for producing books of stellar quality and content. Her vast and varied experiences in developing her Tales2Inspire® books make her singularly qualified to undertake these projects, as does her admirable work ethic. “I enjoy the entire process, from polishing good stories until they shine, to working harmoniously with participants, and finally, to formatting books inside and out to give them instant eye appeal.”

Tales2Inspire books have received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike:

Dr. Bernie Siegel, noted physician, healer, author and humanist stated, "A book with a heart, filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a way that is life enhancing for all God's creatures. Read and learn the lessons of life." A Readers Favorite review said, ". . . a collection of insightful & inspirational stories to move the hearts of readers . . . " Animal Consciousness Scientist gave 'Fur and Feathers' a 5 Star review and said, "Truly absorbing and charming real life vignettes that open our human minds to the utterly emotional world of animals. More information is available at her website at http://www.tales2inspire.com.


After twenty years as an active educator, Lois W. Stern continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of the then popular Long Island web-zine, LI EYE. As she created and authored the column ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives’, she solidified her special niche as an investigative journalist. She has put those same talents to work in creating the ‘Tales2Inspire’ “Authors Helping Authors” project/contest and working to encourage and nurture the skills of each of her participating authors. Since she initiated this project in 2012, Lois has published six ‘Tales2Inspire’ books of various inspiring story themes including: ‘Tales2Inspire - The Emerald Collection’ (Beyond Coincidence stories),  ‘Tales2Inspire - The Topaz Collection’ (Awakenings & Aha Moments), ‘Tales2Inspire - The Sapphire Collection’ (Echoes in the Mind), ‘Tales2Inspire - The Ruby Collection’ (Gifts of Compassion),‘Tales2Inspire - The Crystal Collection' (Stories that Tickle the Funny Bone) and ‘Tales2Inspire - The Garnet  Collection' (Stories in Feathers and Fur).

Lois W. Stern is available to answer questions, and for interviews and presentations. She can be reached using the information below or by email at tales2inspire@optimum.net. More information is available at the site at http://www.tales2inspire.com.


Lois W. Stern