Tuesday, March 24, 2009

9-12 Project Initiated By Fox TV Talk Show Host Glenn Beck Echoed In Scottsdale Arizona

[March 23, 2009 - Scottsdale AZ] Scottsdale entrepreneur Danielle Hampson, has unveiled a new website, www.912ProjectAZ.com, that aims to follow the lead of the newly created movement “The 9-12 Project”, announced a week ago on Fox TV by talk show host Glenn Beck.

“The day after the 9-12 Project was announced on Fox, two friends and I talked about Glenn Beck’s new 9-12 Project at an evening party. We had been thinking about trying to figure out a way to help stop the downward spiral we feel our country is experiencing. Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project was the catalyst we needed to get us going”, explained Ms. Hampson. Danielle and her acquaintances met the very next day and began to map out their plan of action, and within less than 24-hours, the new website was up and running.

People interested in the Arizona initiative are already showing their support by signing up on the website, and local businesses are offering their support in different ways as well. “We are planning an array of events and actions. Our effort is totally non-partisan”, said Ms. Hampson. “The people who relate to the 9 Principles and 12 Values the movement puts forth come from all political points of view and we welcome them all. This is not about Democrats or Republicans, it is about cleaning house. It is about what is right for our country and its citizens, not for its politicians and the elite. It is about bringing back Americans together, and bringing back to America the values that made it the greatest country on earth”.

The people spearheading The 9-12 Project Arizona are Danielle Hampson, President of ArizonaWebTV.com, Dr. Cie Scott, and author Bonnie Birnam. In an effort to help coordinate all efforts in the state of Arizona, the three women are reaching out to other groups forming in the valley and in other counties. They also hope that The 9-12 Project Arizona will help drive other states to take on a similar action, resulting in a 9-12 Project for each state. The hope is that that the 9-12 Project Arizona will lead to a national movement.

For further information regarding The 9-12 Project Arizona, visit 912ProjectAZ.com, or contact Danielle Hampson at 480-502-5354. Ms. Hampson may also be reached by email at Danielle@912projectaz.com.

Contact: Danielle Hampson -
Web: http://www.912ProjectAZ.com
Email: Danielle@912ProjectAZ.com
Phone: 480-502-5354