Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Linda Moore Kurth, CEO of Whimsmoore LLC, To Be Featured On Authors Show Radio Until May 18, 2009

Linda Moore Kurth, known to children the world over as 'Aunt Linda', will be a featured author on The Authors Show Radio program. In the interview, she discusses the Elfery, several of her latest books and Whimsmoore's Elfery Toy Of The Month program. The interview will be featured through May 18, 2009.

How can a grandparent stay in touch with his grandchild who lives far away? How can an aunt maintain ongoing communication with a special niece? Linda Moore Kurth discovered the perfect answer when, many years ago, she sent her niece an Elfery Toy of the Month(TM). The Elfery, as Rachel discovered, was a little playhouse under the stairs where the elves of Glimmer Glen came to make fun and mischief.

“The season-appropriate monthly gift was a bonding experience for the two of us,” stated Ms. Kurth, "and so, many years later, Rachel and I now operate as Whimsmoore LLC, an e-commerce toys, gifts, and book store that features the Elfery Toy of the Month.”

Ms. Kurth is a prolific writer of children's books. She has written twelve illustrated Elfery Storybooks to acquaint children with the elves and their activities. Michael Orwick is the illustrator. The books are included with companion toys in Whimsmoore's unique packages. Now, just like the younger Rachel, children five through seven years can look forward every month to receiving an enchanted package from the special adults in their lives and the elves.

The books are unique in that they are much smaller in size than most other books written for children. “When I was little,” stated Ms. Kurth, “I was given a package of tiny storybooks. I loved them and still have them today. I modeled the Elfery books after those. There was a concern that the books would be hard to keep track of, so we produced a handsome book box in which to keep the books. Kids like being able to put the little books in it.”

In addition to the Toy Of The Month program, Whimsmoore also offers other children and family books, doll play accessories, kitchen play accessories, play tents and playhouses, kid's furniture, free ebooks and an Elf community for children and adults.

“The series of Elfery books allow me, as an author, to really develop the characters I write
about,” stated Ms. Kurth, “much the same as an actor in a series might. I will eventually have three years worth, a series of 36 books, that can be read in any order.”

Ms. Kurth's interview on the Authors Show Radio will be featured until May 18, 2009. The show can be accessed by visiting the Authors Show site at

More information regarding the Toy Of The Month program and other products and services offered by Whimsmoore LLC is available by visiting Ms. Kurth is available for interview and can be contacted at the address below.

Linda Moore Kurth
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