Monday, March 2, 2009

Multiple Deployments Tear Military Marriages Apart: New Book Offers Tools To Help Save Families

The often overpowering stress of serving in the military can tear families apart. The ever increasing number of stress related disorders suffered by veterans is only part of this tragic story. What can be even more heartbreaking is the number of families destroyed by the strain of serving in the military. Now a new book offers real, workable solutions to a problem that can tear these families apart.

Written by military advocate Michael Schindler, Operation Military Family: How to Strengthen Your Military Marriage and Save Your Family highlights successful military families and many of the key resources and programs the government makes available to families in an effort to strengthen military marriages.

The book follows several activated Reserve and Guard families from pre-deployment through the families’ reunification and how they dealt with the emotions, the issues surrounding finances and children as well as several other circumstances brought on by deployment. It also follows these couples back to their reunion and reunification and specifically details what each family did to get reacquainted.

The book includes the latest government research and studies on military marriages and highlights how families are taking action and what the government and the military are doing to strengthen military marriages and save the military family.

Four Star General Tommy Franks (ret), former Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command says of Schindler’s work: “Freedom is not free…and no one knows it better than military men and women and their families. Mike Schindler does a great job of giving practical, “how to” pointers to help them strengthen their marriages. A great resource!”

Mike Schindler is an author, speaker, military advocate and Director to the President at Families Northwest. The difficult issues facing today’s military marriages prompted Schindler, a Navy veteran, to take action. He is the Founder of Operation Military Family, an organization committed to developing road maps and tools to strengthen relationships while revealing the many available government resources. Mr. Schindler is available for interview at the address below. He can also be heard on The Authors Show Radio at

Operation Military Family:
How To Strengthen Your Military Family And Save Your Marriage
ISBN 10: 1-890427-86-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-890427-86-3

Contact: Michael Schindler, Author
Phone: 206-795-5890