Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Astrid Harris, Author of Unstoppable Confidence, To Be Featured By Outskirts Press In New York Times On December 13, 2009

Astrid Harris, life-coach and author of Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook provides specific strategies to overcome shyness, develop confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness for success in any life situation

Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook, written by life-coach and author Astrid Harris, will be featured in an advertisement by Outskirts Press appearing in the New York Times on December 13, 2009 in the book review section. With over 4 million readers daily, Ms. Harris’ appearance is sure to attract a lot of attention for her newly released title.

In today’s economy, so many people are concerned about keeping their jobs or finding new ones. Others are worried about losing their homes and their life-savings. Each of these common concerns can be a powerful adversary that can beat down someone’s self-confidence and self esteem. After several year of economic turbulence, many find it harder and harder to stay self-confident. Ms. Harris says “The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is confidence. For these reasons I have recently released my new book Unstoppable Confidence: A life-changing workbook.”

Unstoppable Confidence provides six breakthrough steps to help build self-confidence using case studies, exercises, assignments and empowering techniques. With Unstoppable Confidence, readers will find everything they need to succeed and the results can be phenomenal. "This workbook," stated Ms. Harris, "is like having your own affordable personal self-confidence coach. I always knew that one day I would be in the New York Times,” she stated, exhibiting her own unstoppable confidence.

Unstoppable Confidence is available in both hardcover and e-book formats at the author’s website and at Amazon.com. Ms. Harris is available for interview. She can be reached by using the information below or by email at astrid@polyglot-network.com.

Unstoppable Confidence
Astrid Harris
ISBN: 9781432738556

Astrid Harris was born, raised and educated in Europe. As a successful life coach, teacher and motivator, Astrid Harris has a unique ability to help people break through barriers that limit self-confidence in order to lead the life they dream.

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