Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Martin Harshberger, CEO Of Measurable Results LLC And The Bottom Line Coach, Releases New Book: Bottom Line Focus

A business consultant and coach with over 30 years of experience, Martin Harshberger’s new book, Bottom Line Focus, covers strategic planning, diversification, gross profit, productivity monitoring, project management, process redesign and much more

Martin Harshberger, CEO of Measurable Results LLC has just released Bottom Line Focus. The book details how companies can not only survive, but thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

“The road to success,” stated Mr. Harshberger, “begins with a clear vision supported by solid strategic planning. Strategic planning is a process that addresses all key areas such as diversification, profitability, productivity, productivity monitoring, project management, process improvement, organizational alignment - the list goes on and on. In every case, however, each of these strategic planning components can enhance or detract from your company's focus - the bottom line.”

Bottom Line Focus covers 18 key strategic points. The information the book contains details how companies and individuals can

* Make strategic management and execution the bottom line focus beginning with effective strategic planning

* Diversify company offerings to help overcome geographic and seasonal slowdowns while improving cash flow

* Increase gross profit and reduces expenses through profitability analysis

* Increase efficiency and productivity through productivity monitoring and effective use of data

* Improve workflow efficiency through project management and process improvement

* Improve organizational alignment to dovetail with the company's strategic plan

* Dramatically boost company revenues;

* Improve an organization's focus, momentum, and teamwork;

* Cut costs and increase profit margins;

* Make better decisions faster;

* Reduce personal stress.

“What is not in Bottom Line Focus,” stated Mr. Harshberger, “is theories, generally accepted half truths, platitudes, fads, hype or gimmicks.”

Bottom Line Focus is available at the company’s website and most online book retail outlets. Mr. Harshberger is available for interview and can be reached using the information below, or by email at

Bottom Line Focus
Martin Harshberger


Martin Harshberger is the founder and President of Measurable Results LLC. He has extensive executive management experience in both Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and mid-sized organizations spanning over a 30 year period.

Mr. Harshberger held senior executive positions with Control Data Corporation. He founded Logistics Management Inc. in Memphis, TN. He served as CEO of LMI for ten years. LMI was a pioneer in value added logistics management and grew from a startup to over $40MM in sales within five years. Martin also owned a small logistics company in Germany and operated that company as a subsidiary of LMI. The European operations grew from 2M DM to over 12M DM in four years. LMI was named to the INC 500's prestigious list of America's fastest growing companies in 1997.

After selling out of LMI in 1999, in anticipation of changing market conditions, Martin served as CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company in the HVAC industry.

Martin Harshberger’s passion for results and common sense approach to business problems coupled with his varied experience makes him a natural fit in the consulting industry. He brings that experience to the table for his clients.


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