Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Author Richard Palombi To Appear On The Authors Show Radio And Release His Second Book, The Geronimo Corndogs

Author Richard Palombi will appear on The Authors Show Radio on December 18, 2009. In his newest release, The Geronimo Corndogs, Palombi offers a hilarious look at three friends who meet John Dilliinger and find themselves on the wrong side of the law

Author Richard Palombi has released his new book, The Geronimo Corndogs, a hilarious look at the adventures of three friends who fall in with John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and Billie Frechette. The book serves as a follow up to his first novel, Open The Door Richard.

The Geronimo Corndogs turns the world of gangsters and criminal icons on its head. When the fourth member of their bowling team turns out to be gangster John Dillinger, three lifelong friends find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Dubbed The Geronimo Corndogs by the press, each is assigned a mentor-in-crime from Dillinger’s gang: John Luther becomes the reluctant ward of Babyface Nelson and his over-protective wife, Helen Gillis. Reynaldo’s tutor, Pretty Boy Floyd, is forever getting the two of them lost on one ill-advised shortcut or another while reminiscing about growing up in the Cookson Hills, “the paste capital of the world.” Demoted to dog care duties for Dillinger’s gun moll, Billie Frechette, the bumbling Augustus soon finds himself reviled as a pet felon and the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Having Melvin Purvis and the F.B.I. hot on their trail was bad enough, but when PETSA and its legions of animal rights activists join in the hunt, the chase is on for real.

Mr Palombi was recently interviewed on The Authors Show Radio program. The program will run on December 18, 2009. In this interview he discusses his comedic writing style. He also talks about his past life as a joke and monologue writer, his street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and his involvement in prison ministries. The interview centers around both of his recently released books. The show can be heard at www.theauthorsshow.com.

The Geronimo Corndogs and Open The Door, Richard are available at the Stonegarden Publishing website at www.stonegarden.net, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and at most large Internet book retailers. Richard Palombi can be reached by email at richardpalombi@sbcglobal.net. A third book, Big Son and Little Son, is due for release in 2010.

Richard Palombi
The Geronimo Corndogs
Stonegarden.net Publishing
ISBN 1-60076-153-4


Retired with five grandchildren, Richard Palombi wrote jokes and monologues for various stand-up comedians in the seventies and eighties. He later started a street ministry for at-risk teens in Houston, Texas and became involved in prison ministry.

He was also a chaplain at Harris County Jail until moving to Austin, where he worked in various psychiatric hospitals and recovery centers. He’s written three novels: Open the Door, Richard; Big Son ‘n Little Son; and The Geronimo Corndogs.


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