Thursday, April 8, 2010

Author Carolyn Vines Believes Black Women Can Move Beyond Identity And Offers Inspiration To Travel Beyond Limitations

Bureau of Labor Statistics report paints a bleak picture for black women in the US in the short term. Author Carolyn Vines believes black women suffer as the result of internalized racism and sexism. She offers inspiration to all who wish to travel beyond identity in her soon to be released book, Black And (A)Broad

A recent article by Bobbi Bowman entitled Black And Income: What We Earn, based on a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, brought some sobering facts to light for black people living in America. The study showed that:

- The second highest employment-population ratio was held by black females at 59.1%
- Only 31% of management or professional jobs were held by black women, compared to 41% for white women and 46% for Asian women
- In 2008, the median usual weekly earnings of black women was $554 compared with $654 for white women. This means that black females' median earnings were roughly 85% of those earned by white females

“Americans,” stated Ms. Vines, “regardless of race, gender and ethnicity, have bought into racism and sexism. Sadly, this legacy of internalized racism and sexism continues to be embedded in our collective identity despite electing our first black president, Barack Obama. How bleak will the results of the 2010 Census be for black female identity, which has historically born the burden of internalized racism and sexism?”

Median household incomes as shown in the 2008 Bureau of Labor report estimates are $69,047 for Asians, $56, 648 for Whites, $41,630 for Hispanics or Latinos and $35,086 for Blacks or African Americans. The article proposes that this may be due to the fact that so many black families are headed by black women.

“Black women,” continued Ms. Vines, “cannot control racism and sexism. We can, however, choose to create an identity that transcends the limitations imposed by their legacy. Black and (A)broad was written to inspire and empower black women to do just that."

Black And Abroad describes how after moving from New Orleans Carolyn finds herself in the land of windmills, wooden shoes and endless gray skies. As she moves away from the remnants of her tragic childhood and America’s obsession with race, she is plunged into the depths of homesickness and depression. She travels through motherhood and a career change, and her determination is put to the test. On the way to self-discovery, she ends up finding love, soul sisters and is inspired to travel beyond the limits imposed upon her by race. In this mid-life memoir, Carolyn writes candidly about how being mistaken for a prostitute in Austria, losing her passport in Cuba and dealing with Dutch people on their bikes (among other quirky adventures) have changed her ideas about being a black woman in the world. Black and (A)broad is to be released in August 2010.

Ms. Vines is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email More information on her forthcoming book is available at her website at


Carolyn Vines hails from Indianapolis, USA. Her passion for language has led her to teach Spanish, English and literature at universities in America and The Netherlands. It has also led her into a career as an author, editor and translator. Her work has been published in local Dutch English language papers and The Telegraph. She speaks Spanish and Dutch and last year translated a novel by a critically-acclaimed Curaçaoan author. As the result of her life experiences, she believes it is possible to travel beyond identity and offers inspiration to travel beyond limitations.

Ms. Vines’s website was the 2009 Black Weblog Award Winner for Best International Blog. She is currently writing her first book about her twenty years’ experience living and traveling abroad. Look for Black And (A)broad early in August of 2010.


Carolyn Vines