Thursday, April 22, 2010

Author Greg Allen Attempts To Keep The Memories Of WWII Veterans Alive In War Of The Heart

WWII Veterans are now actively engaged in yet another battle. Thousands of WWII veterans die every week. Their legacy of service and sacrifice is fast becoming nothing more than a distant memory in the minds of those of us who follow them. Greg Allen hopes to keep that legacy vividly alive in his book, War Of The Heart

Greg Allen believes World War II veterans hold a place that is uniquely their own in the history of the United States. He also believes the stories of the service and the sacrifices of our World War II veterans are in danger of being lost. His hope is to preserve this legacy within the pages of his book, War Of The Heart.

“If you were to spend a day,” stated Mr. Allen, “in the rehabilitation ward of any VA Hospital you’d be forever changed. World War II Veterans are dying off at an alarming rate. Their stories need be heard and need to be preserved. Freedom is never free nor is it cheap. These men fought because they love America, and in essence, they loved their fellow man enough to sacrifice themselves. They’re common folk, just like you and me, who come from every walk of life. The scars of war will never leave them.”

War of the Heart follows the amazing journey of a young, adventurous American, Jonathan Freed. Growing up in the Deep South under the hardships of the Great Depression, Jonathan experiences his share of turmoil and hard living, but across the sea, the sinister brew of Nazism lurks - threatening to embroil him and others in a dark conflict. Like many of the era, Jonathan hears the call of military service. His career spans two wars and eventually rewards him the distinction of being the youngest chief chaplain of the U.S. Army.

“In interviewing over a dozen veterans,” continued Mr. Allen, “while writing 'War of the Heart' I found it striking how many would stare at the floor when recalling their experiences; never bragging of hero status nor stating how bold they were, just unwilling to dredge up the horror. I became a better listener in the process. I could see the tortuous thoughts, painful memories, well in their eyes as they described how scared they were as the war raged around them. In the process I gained a greater respect for those brave souls.”

“America is a country like no other, birthed out of a longing for liberty, whose citizens will willfully fight tyrants like Hitler and Mussolini who oppress that God given right. The Constitution was divinely inspired, I'm convinced of that, a model for others, and as the persecution or destruction of innocent souls occurs, Jew or Gentile, it becomes evident that the fiber of our being is to intercede. Everyone who enjoys freedom should read this book, young and old alike, for it highlights the cost of freedom’s price. The Great Depression affected everyone back then, just as the Great Recession has today, but we Americans are a giving people who hang together, unwilling to sit back while others suffer.”

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War Of The Heart
Greg Allen
Tate Publishing


Greg Allen is an author, songwriter, and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries. He is the author of a number of books including Builder Of The Spirit, The Bored And The Cross and War Of The Heart. Mr Allen is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below.

Greg Allen lives in Jamestown, IN. His books are available at his website,, at, Barnes and Noble, Borders, from Tate Publishing and wherever books are sold online.


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