Friday, April 9, 2010

John J. Murphy, Author of Beyond Doubt, To Appear On The Authors Show TV Through March 2011

John J. Murphy, CEO of Venture Management Consultants and author of nine books, will appear on The Authors Show TV to discuss his latest release, Beyond Doubt: Four Steps To Inner Peace

John J. Murphy, an international business consultant and spiritual mystic, will be appearing on The Authors Show TV through March 2011 to discuss his latest release Beyond Doubt, Four Steps To Inner Peace.

In this book, Murphy invites readers to contemplate their own thoughts, actions, emotions, and choices. This book, his ninth, conveys the author’s powerful message of consciously welcoming positive energy into one's life rather than subconsciously resisting it. Readers will learn that challenging circumstances, stressful dilemmas, and difficult situations exist for a reason. Beyond Doubt helps people understand these reasons and facilitate the release of tension, anxiety, guilt, grief and fear from their lives. The challenge is to overcome the “root cause” to these feelings and doubts, a self-destructive thought-system subconsciously held in mind.

“I wrote this book,” stated Mr. Murphy, “to help people identify and release any subconscious beliefs holding them back. The world is full of fear and doubt, much of it held at the subconscious level of the mind. This means that many people do not even realize this fear exists. They simply respond to life with hesitation, doubt, resistance and limiting beliefs. Learning to live life ‘beyond doubt’ is a very freeing and enlightening experience. It is how we are meant to live. This is our true nature, our authentic self.”

It is not always easy to ‘let be and let go,’ two of the four steps in what Murphy calls ‘The Ring of Peace,’ a relatively simple model designed to help ordinary people experience extraordinary peace of mind. Though the Ring of Peace model is simple, it is an extremely powerful method for learning to overcome fear, stress, negativity and doubt.

“When times get tough,” Murphy continued, “it is quite common for people to cling to what they know, even if it is bringing them down. This is like grabbing an electric wire and instead of letting go we grip the wire tighter, causing further pain. We react with attachment rather than release. Even worse, we follow with behaviors like blame, denial, resistance and rationalization.”

Mr Murphy’s interview will appear on The Authors Show TV version through March 2011. Other media appearances include an interview with Paul Kopenkoskey in The Grand Rapids Press radio interviews on the Andy And Chuck show on WTRV in Grand Rapids, MI and an appearance on The Authors Show radio. He is available for interview and can be contacted using the information below or by email at Beyond Doubt: Four Steps To Inner Peace is available at the author’s website and Xlibris.

Beyond Doubt: Four Steps To Inner Peace
John J. Murphy
ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4415-7057-4


John Murphy is a spiritual mystic serving as a business consultant, leadership development coach and process improvement expert. He is the founder and president of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in creating lean, high performance work cultures. He has trained thousands of people from dozens of countries and provided mentoring services to some of the world’s leading organizations. He is the author of numerous books including Pulling Together: The Power of Teamwork, Agent of Change: Leading A Cultural Revolution and Reinvent Yourself: A Lesson In Personal Leadership


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