Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Days In The Beast: Revealing Diary Of A Captured Terrorist Released By J. C. Clark

In light of the threat of increased terror attacks by new al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, many Americans ask: why do they do it? This is a fundamental and vitally important question. 'My Days In The Beast: The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America', reveals the answer, as it details the daily activities and thoughts of Aamir Al Mamoura, a radical Islamic Muslim scouting sites for terrorist acts in the USA

Many of us wonder what goes through the mind of terrorists who wage Jihad on American soil. Nearly everyone wonders what these people think about Americans, and what reasoning lies behind the desire to kill the innocent. J.C. Clark provides a graphic and chilling description in his recent release 'My Days In The Beast: Diary of a Holy Warrior in America'.

In this book, several weeks of entries translated from Arabic show the distain, contempt and hatred of America held by radical Islam. On 9-11 four groups of al-Qaeda and Hamas terrorists financed by Osama Bin Laden took control of several aircraft, crashing them into and destroying the World Trade Center (WTC) and severely damaging the Pentagon while killing and injuring thousands of Americans. Aamir Al-Mamoura, the author and Holy Warrior or Mujahideen kept the diary for the benefit of his family so that, in the event of his death, they would know the part he played in the great jihad against America.

"My daughter," stated Mr. Clark, "had a breakfast meeting scheduled at Windows On The World in the trade center on September 11 but, unbeknown to us, it was moved to a mid-town location. After the second plane hit I left work to return home as neither my wife nor I knew the whereabouts of our daughter. I sat in a monumental traffic jam on the north side of the NJ Turnpike and watched the second tower fall as more emergency equipment than I knew existed in NJ rushed toward NYC going north in the closed southbound lanes. Despite three major airports in the area, there was no air traffic other than a pair of fighter jets flying around Manhattan. It was a very strange feeling, as though I were watching a science fiction movie."

The book is a richly detailed, fictional account of the workings of the mind of a terrorist. Midwest Review stated "'My Days in the Beast: The Diary of a Holy Warrior in America' is an account of the life of Aamir Al-Mamoura, a radical Muslim who soundly embraced the philosophy of terrorism and actively participated in many plots against the United States of America, who spent much of his time in the very country he despised with all of his heart. A riveting look into a dark mind, 'My Days in the Beast' is a worthwhile read with a current event twist."

Homeland Security recently released a warning to all utility and power generating companies to verify and be on lookout for potential al-Qaeda members and/or those who may be sympathetic to radical Islam applying for employment or recently hired. Will this threat lessen with time? JC Clark does not think so.

"As time passes," continued Mr. Clark, "and memories dim, I believe most Americans have become complacent regarding the success of another attack. Homeland Security needs to be 100%, while terrorists need only one success."

'My Days in the Beast' is available at Mr. Clark's website and at Amazon.com. More information regarding the book is available at www.MyDaysInTheBeast.com. Mr. Clark is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at mspincorp@verizon.net.


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