Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Widowhood Happens' — Author Gene K. Garrison Releases Her Third Edition Of The Ultimate Book Of Discovery For Widows, Widowers, And Committed Couples

Originally published by Burning Gate Press under the title 'Widow . . . Or Widow-To-Be?', the book is a detailed and down to earth look at the subject of widowhood, written to encourage people to heighten their awareness and sensitivity to the problems the widowed face. The new edition includes information from a psychologist, lawyer, minister, priest and heads of helpful organizations

Gene K. Garrison has recently released the third edition of 'Widowhood Happens'. The book takes a broad and sweeping look at the subject of widowhood through interviews with widows and widowers from all walks of life. The book goes a step beyond this, as it also includes information from a psychologist, lawyer, minister, priest, and heads of service organizations. The purpose of the new edition is to include a chapter about hospice, an end-of-life haven.

“I wrote 'Widowhood Happens',” stated Ms. Garrison, “because I knew I could do it in a way that others hadn’t. It’s not simply one person’s experience, or one professional viewpoint. It’s much broader than that.”

Ms. Garrison is a versatile writer who hopes to encourage understanding and provide practical help. As with all her books, 'Widowhood Happens' is written in an unpretentious, easy to understand and down to earth style. She wants married people and committed couples to plan for this eventuality. She does not believe this to be a callous point of view. In her eyes it simply makes sense to be prepared, as a death in the family is nearly always fraught with strong emotional reactions. They are enough to deal with at the time. It helps to have decisions about financial matters, wills, and services made in advance.

“I believe readers will benefit from reading this edition,” Ms. Garrison continued, “because knowledge is always helpful. Realizing that life goes on is challenging. It’s a gift worth accepting.”

Gene Garrison is originally from Delaware. After moving from Phoenix to Cave Creek, Arizona to work on the New Dick Van Dyke Show she founded Desert Artists, Inc., a cooperative gallery in the Carefree/Cave Creek area. During this time she started a writing career by freelancing an article to Arizona Magazine, a Sunday supplement to the Arizona Republic. After reading several of her stories, the editor of Carefree Enterprise Magazine offered her a job as feature articles writer. She resigned after 20 years.

Two of her books, 'From Thunder to Breakfast' and the first edition of 'Widowhood Happens' entitled 'Widow . . . Or Widow-To-Be?' were published by traditional publishers. After they reached out-of-print status, she discovered print-on-demand, and got them back into circulation. The next writing project happened because she had photographed javelinas in Cave Creek, so she wrote text to go with the photos and had a children’s nonfiction book about wildlife on the desert, 'Javelina (Have-uh-WHAT?)'. Her next endeavor was a book published by, titled 'There’s Something About Cave Creek (It’s The People'). She has written more than 560 magazine articles on a variety of subjects.

'Widowhood Happens' is available at, Barnes & Noble,, and as well as other online sites and actual bookstores. Ms. Garrison is available for interviews and Skype talks to small groups. She can be reached using the information below or by e-mail at

Ms. Garrison was recently chosen to be included in '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading', available at The Authors Show site.

Gene K. Garrison