Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Author Tom O'Grady Releases 'A Gift Is Waiting' In Kindle Format

Could we ever find any positive aspect in the loss of a child? Is it possible? Author Tom O'Grady believes that even the most horrific circumstances can offer us an opportunity to find the joy. His powerful novel, 'A Gift Is Waiting', demonstrates that true optimism is not just an idea but is instead an entirely different way of looking at the world in which we live

Everyone knows someone who has lost a child. From everyday people to billionaires to celebrities such as John Travolta and Kelly Preston, no one is immune from one of the most heart-wrenching events to befall any human being. Tom O'Grady, author of 'A Gift Is Waiting', demonstrates that even in the darkest of tragedies, a gift can be found.

"I wrote this book," stated Mr. O'Grady, "because, like the parents in the story, I watched a dark future turn bright. The loss of a child and the adoption of a child were two opposing worlds at first, then one amazing place. I realized that journey is made every day by others. This book is their story too."

In the book, Patrick and Maria Walsh, a suburban Philadelphia couple with simple, well-planned lives, experience the birth of their third child. But all is not how they planned it. Halfway around the world, a barely-alive child is placed in an orphanage under the care of Sister Christiana, a Catholic nun whose unselfish dedication to children is shaken by her desire for something more. Can Patrick find his way past his instinct to control the world around him and open his heart again? Will Sister Christiana find answers to her questions in the unresponsive child? Surrounded by the selflessness and caring of people who love them, a broken father, a questioning nun and a lost child learn that life offers amazing gifts and moments to treasure. Based on real events, this beautiful story resonates with hope as it takes the reader along on multiple journeys to a place where fear is overcome by the willingness to give. And as these uncharted journeys move forward they reveal to us that there is always a 'gift' waiting somewhere in our lives if we are willing to recognize and embrace it.

"Readers will enjoy this book," continued Mr. O'Grady, "because it's a great story. But it's more than that. It is a story that comes from the heart and touches the need we all have for hope in our lives. The blind and fragile journey of the Walsh family is the journey we all make in life. I think readers, like the Walsh's, will end up in a place of happiness and renewed hope."

O'Grady's latest work, 'Degree of Difficulty', is due for release in paperback and digital formats in September or October of 2011. This work of fiction is a plot twisting adventure that runs from Philadelphia to the Chesapeake Bay to Acapulco Bay.

Tom O'Grady
A Gift Is Waiting
ISBN-10: 1453849386
ISBN-13: 978-1453849385

Tom O'Grady is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below. More information is available at his website. 'A Gift Is Waiting' is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and at most book retailers.


Tom O'Grady is a native of Philadelphia PA. He has written freelance for newspapers, magazines and company publications while earning his BA and MA from Temple University and Rutgers University, respectively. He loves pubs, where he always find the Joy, and prefers them to offices. Having divested himself of as much debt and belongings as possible, he plans to spend more time in pubs and little to no time in offices. He intends to keep writing novels where he almost always finds the Joy.


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