Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Author Renee Pawlish Announces Release Of New Mystery Novel, ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’

Critically acclaimed author Renee Pawlish is the creator of the Reed Ferguson series of mystery novels. ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’ is the latest book in the mystery series featuring Reed Ferguson

Author Renee Pawlish has announced the release of ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’, the latest book in the mystery series featuring Reed Ferguson. A master wordsmith who crosses genres with ease, Pawlish paints mystery, suspense and drama upon a ‘film noir’ canvas.

“Readers will appreciate this book's infusing of film noir and Hollywood lore,” stated Ms. Pawlish, “with a gritty mystery tale set in present-day Denver. The line 'I want you to find my dead husband' rolled around in my head until I finally had to write a mystery novel using this first line.”

The best mystery novels are always based on true-to-life characters and interesting plot lines. The plot of ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’ includes a mysterious death, a brother searching for the truth, a devious ex-wife, more danger than a film noir plot and, as one might expect, a dose of real estate shenanigans.

“I fell in love with the idea of a rich, wannabe private eye,” continued Ms. Pawlish, “who loves film noir and detective fiction. Reed Ferguson became that detective and I'm continuing his adventures in ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’. I have to say I've fallen in love with Reed Ferguson, too, and a third book is on the way.”

An Amazon reviewer stated, “If you like mystery, suspense, drama and are looking for a book you can't put down on a rainy day, this is the one you've been waiting for.”

Renee Pawlish is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at renee@reneepawlish.com. The paperback version of ‘Reel Estate Rip-Off’ is available at Amazon. The ebook version is available at Amazon. More information is available at her website.


Author Renée Pawlish was born in California, but has lived most of her life in Colorado. When she's not hiking, cycling, or chasing ballplayers for autographs, she is writing mysteries and thrillers. She also has some middle grade novels waiting to be published. Renée loves to travel and has visited numerous countries around the world. She has also spent many summer days at her parents' cabin in the hills outside of Boulder, which was the inspiration for the setting of Taylor Crossing in her novel Nephilim: Genesis of Evil.


Renee Pawlish