Saturday, January 14, 2012

Linda Osmundson, Author Of ‘How The West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie's Art’, Named As One Of ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

Osmundson was picked from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors Show. Her book, entitled ‘How The West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlies Art’, is a presentation of the work of Charles M. Russell

Linda Osmundson, author of ‘How The West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie's Art’, has been named one of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’. Her honors came as a result of her appearance on The Authors Show. Osmundson was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process. ‘How The West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie's Art’ is a children’s book that details the work of artist Charles M. Russell.

“I am excited,” stated Ms. Osmundson, “to be included in ‘50 Writers You Should Be Reading’. I look forward to hearing from readers of my book.”

Linda Osmundson served as art docent in four major art museums, Phoenix Art Museum, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Denver Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum, and two galleries, the Hearst Gallery on the campus of St. Mary's College in Moraga, California, as well as presently at the Loveland Museum/Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. She taught teachers, docents, and classroom volunteers how to interact with works of art. Her hundreds of tours have delighted children of all ages as well as adults. Linda's passion is to help children and adults look, see, interact, and remember fine art. ‘How the West was Drawn’ accomplishes that goal. Her second book in the series, ‘Frederic Remington's Art’, to be released in Spring 2012, follows the same format and goal.

Maureen Corey, Curator of Art at Loveland Museum and Gallery recently stated, "With engaging interactive questions, Linda Osmundson not only teaches about the life and art of Charles Russell, but provides tools that readers can use in future art 'investigations'. The success of this book hinges upon these accessible yet provocative lists of questions that bring the artist to life and offer a sense of accomplishment that encourages a love of art and learning."

Linda Osmundson is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at More information is available at her website. ‘How The West Was Drawn’ is available at, Barnes and Noble, upscale bookstores, Pelican Publishing Company and at her website.


Linda Osmundson has worn many hats from student to teacher, volunteer to professional. Almost fifty years from college graduation, she continues to change hats but professionally sticks to writing. The release of ‘How The West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie’s Art’ is Osmundson’s first book. The second in the series, ‘Frederic Remington’s Art’, will be released February, 2012.


Linda Osmundson