Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author With Congenital Glaucoma, Daniel Saynuk, Releases ‘Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book’

The unique, one-of-a-kind coloring book introduces children to guide dogs and the role they play in assisting the blind. In addition to important and valuable information regarding guide dogs, the book employs engaging and interactive games and puzzles to teach and inform

Author Daniel Saynuk has released ‘Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book’. Saynuk’s children’s coloring book is unique in that, in addition to serving as a coloring book, it also employs interactive games, puzzles and word jumbles to reinforce the lessons it presents.

“I want the general public to know,” stated Saynuk, “that even though they see a dog out in public it’s not ok to pet him because he's working to keep the person he or she is guiding safe. I know its tempting to want to pet a guide dog, but touching him or asking the handler his name just makes it harder for the dog to do his job because then he hears his name called by another person other than his handler. I actually have a sign on my dog’s harness that says “DO NOT PET ME I'M WORKING”. I hope by putting this book out there will come a day when such a sign will not be needed by anyone who uses a dog to help gain independence.”

‘Guide Doggie’ recently received a very positive review from Readers Favorite. In this five-star review the reviewer states, “This book not only offers a very well written story, it is also a coloring book and fill-in-the-blank book. At the end of the book is a crossword puzzle, a word search and a word jumble puzzle. This would be a very entertaining book for any child to work through and will provide valuable information concerning the duties of a guide dog and their benefit to someone who is blind.”

Children will learn how guide dogs help the blind live more independently. Narration is provided in the voice of a guide dog. Children can color pages as they follow along with the story. Fill in the blank pages allow children to get actively involved in telling the story. More than a coloring book, the book is designed as an interactive learning experience.

Daniel Saynuk is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at ‘Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book’ is available at Amazon. More information is available at Saynuk’s website at

About Daniel Saynuk:

Legally blind as the result of congenital glaucoma, writer Daniel Saynuk has a special fondness for guide dogs. His own beloved guide dog helps him more easily live his life in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Daniel began writing stories while pursuing his Business Administration degree, and established his own company to bring this book to life. He is passionate about educating others about the valuable services guide dogs provide to the visually impaired.


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