Friday, December 21, 2012

Dr. Barbara Lavi Resolves To Empower People Discouraged By the Tragedy In Newtown By Teaching Them How To Keep Their Dreams Alive

This year the horrifying events in Newtown CT are casting a shadow over the holiday season. It is hard to feel joyful. New Year’s resolutions may seem trivial. Perhaps there will be less tinsel this year, but Dr. Lavi is hoping to help people put more substance into the holidays. She hopes to inspire people who may be feeling discouraged to find deeper meaning in life and reconnect with their aspirations for the future

Dr. Barbara Lavi is a licensed psychologist, public speaker, and author of 'The Wake Up And Dream Challenge.’ Her new book teaches how to overcome all kinds of adversity.

Many people lose sight of their dreams especially when events like those in Newtown challenge them to question the meaning of life. When we see innocent lives taken senselessly, we often become cynical and lose hope. Dr. Lavi believes that, “If we give in to this kind of negative thinking and abandon aspirations, we let fear control our lives.” For over thirty years Dr. Lavi has empowered people and helped them overcome loss, trauma and adversity by helping them reclaim their dreams. Her techniques can help during these difficult times. 'The Wake Up and Dream Challenge' teaches how to 'dream it forward' at any age, regardless of financial, health or personal challenges. Her clients made what seemed impossible possible. The book demonstrates ways any reader can overcome obstacles as well.

VC August, author of 'The Healing Hour,’ says that, “Giving this book to anyone who wants to plan their future, is stuck in a bad situation, or wants to enjoy every crumb of their lives on earth, would be the best gift ever; the key to living life to the fullest.”  Dr. Lavi understands that we have all been impacted by the events and are all grieving at varying levels. We vacillate from being glued to the news trying to make sense of senseless loss or turning the TV off trying to escape the powerful emotions that the images evoke.

In an everyman’s version of the Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge, Dr. Lavi is donating 1/2 of the profits from every book sold to 21 Dream Nonprofit Organizations.(A Child Is Missing, The Blind Judo Foundation, Boaz and Ruth, Camp Young Judaea, Compass to Care, D.R.E.A.M., Inc, Denver Active 20 –30, The Dr.Cynthia Lucero Center, The Elimination of Prejudice, Enchanted Makeovers, Green Demolitions, HerShe Group Foundation, Higher Ground,  Menorah Park Center for Senior Living, MicroMuseum A Living Arts Center, Music From A Bottle, New York Says Thank You, Osprey Village, Inc., Rock & Wrap It Up, Simon’s Fund, and Voices Against Brain Cancer). These organizations are helping countless individuals across the United States reach their dreams while overcoming all kinds of challenges. Her website offers information about these organizations, a link to preview and purchase the book while donating to one or all of these organizations. Every book sold, therefore, helps make the world a better place.

Since people may need additional help this year, Just a day before the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dr. Lavi had written a blog called: Take the New Year's Resolution Challenge encouraging people to try her techniques instead of making New Year's resolutions. She was offering a half hour complementary consultation to anyone who bought her book between December 13th and January 31st. In light of the events that have transpired, the offer seems even more appropriate since people may need additional help getting through the holidays and refocusing on their dreams.  The consultation will help empower them to create lasting positive changes, not just New Year’s resolutions that often fall by the wayside.

Although our hearts are heavy this holiday season, Dr. Lavi encourages people to continue to dream of and work for "Peace on earth, good will toward men."  Regardless of religious affiliation, we can be inspired by the words and music which have additional significance this year. Dr. Lavi reports that she, "will never think of the words, 'And your strength broke their swords, when our own strength failed us,' from the song 'Rock of Ages' in the same way. Although  alone our strength may fail us, together, we must find strength to believe in miracles and take action to make them happen. By voicing our concerns and searching for creative solutions to the challenges we face, out of this tragedy, we must find the strength to build a better safer world."

Dr. Barbara Lavi is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'The Wake Up And Dream Challenge' is available on her website and at More information is available on her website at


Dr. Lavi, a Licensed Psychologist since 1978, worked and trained in the Boston area before moving to Westport, CT in 2000. She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Child Psychology and a Doctorate in Professional Psychology. The techniques Dr. Lavi shares in her book were developed over the course of her career as a Staff Psychologist and Coordinator of both the Child & Trauma Teams at Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Clinical Director of the Delphi Center in Burlington MA and in her private practices in Boston and Connecticut.

She founded ACT Now Psychotherapy utilizing her active, creative, time-sensitive approach to therapy. Therapy with Dr. Lavi is as brief as possible. Some clients may come for a few months others for a few years. Often clients return when new needs arise over the course of their lives. She works with children and adults using individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Dr. Lavi utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Her areas of specialization include: divorce, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, illness and trauma.

Dr. Lavi is also a motivational speaker who has presented workshops to corporations for Cigna EAP and Magellan Behavioral Health. This summer she completed a book tour, Dreams On Wheels. On the tour, she spoke at the National Convention of Elimination of Prejudice in Richmond VA and was Scholar in Residence at the Menorah Park Center for Senior Living in Cleveland OH. Dr. Lavi currently maintains a private practice in Weston, CT. To learn more about Dr. Lavi's experience and services, go to her website.

Since writing the book, Dr. Lavi has developed an additional expertise in using social media for social good and supports multiple nonprofits through the book. She trained interns in the use of social media and book publishing while helping them work towards their dreams.


Dr. Barbara Lavi