Thursday, May 9, 2013

Michigan Author Solease M. Barner Releases New Mystery Book 'Awakens', Second In The 'Secrets Of The Ghosts' Trilogy

The new mystery book is the second in the trilogy. The book follows in the tradition of espionage novels such as 'The Bourne Identity' with a unique twist - the protagonists are female assassins

Author Solease M. Barner has released 'Awakens'. The new mystery book is the second in the 'Secrets Of The Ghosts' suspense trilogy. The new thriller, like the first, is a work incorporating suspense, fantasy, espionage and murder. The books, written in the tradition of 'The Bourne Identity', center on a group of sisters who are female assassins.

The protagonist in 'Awakens', Holiday Towley, is a wife, mother, wedding planner and secret government assassin. Holiday’s life was complicated enough when all she had to do was plan weddings and kill people. Now with her daughter threatened by the people she should have been able most to trust, and her marriage threatened by the handsome and enigmatic David, she faces the ruin of all she has worked for.

"This book," stated Ms. Barner, "continues the story of Holiday. It will give readers more of an insight into her childhood and her special gift. In 'Awakens' readers will really be able to connect with Holiday. I really enjoyed writing 'Awakens', as readers really get to see the sisters in action more and that was fun to write."

Holiday is now facing more than just a mother who has betrayed her. She is now facing truths about herself including love, family and her biological mother. Holiday learns more about her bloodline and how she is different from others. The second installment answers many questions from 'The Sleeper', while creating even more mystery in anticipation of the third installment.

"This book had to be written", Barner continued, "to help explain Holiday and where she comes from. 'Awakens' provides explanations for many of the things that take place in 'The Sleeper'."

Solease M. Barner follows in the footsteps of her favorite authors - John Grisham, Terry McMillian, and Stephanie Meyer. Underlying her storylines is a message - when adversity arises it is family who will be there in times of need. Readers will more deeply appreciate their own families after reading her work.

Both titles are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords and All Romance-Omni Lit. Both are available for Kindle, Nook, iPhone and iPad.

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About Solease M. Barner:

Solease graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in Sociology. She then went on to graduate from Kaplan University with a Master’s in Criminal Justice. During her time in higher education she continued to write with a deeper passion for writing. Her career passion is Criminal Justice, but her first love is writing poetry and short stories. This love led her to write her first novel ‘Secrets of the Ghosts’.


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