Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pope John Paul II Sainthood: Lois W. Stern, Creator Of ‘Tales2Inspire’ Offers Proof Miracles Happen

Do miracles really happen? As the Catholic Church prepares to canonize Pope John Paul II, questions regarding miracles are in the news daily. Lois W. Stern’s compilation of inspiring stories, ‘Tales To Inspire: Beyond Coincidence - The Emerald Collection’ offers inspiring stories, life inspiring messages and several tales of real life miracles

The Catholic Church believes miracles can and do exist. Others are not so sure. Regardless of one’s perspective, actual proof of miracles is not easy to come by. Several stories in Lois W. Stern’s new release, ‘Tales To Inspire: Beyond Coincidence’ could be said to provide proof that miracles happen.

"The inspiring messages," Stern stated, "embedded in the winning stories in this Tales 2 Inspire: Beyond Coincidence collection have deepened my faith in the nature of miracles. Angels in human form truly can appear to watch over us, touching our lives in mysterious ways to help our prayers unfold. I hope this little book filled with powerful messages will either challenge others in their thinking about the nature of miracles or simply confirm their long held beliefs."

In one such story, ‘The Voice’ by Stan Cupery M.D., Dr. Don Lloyd is presented at the emergency room with a newborn left by the mother to freeze to death on the basement floor of an abandoned building. After attempting all medically known interventions to revive this nearly frozen solid infant, the doctor and five nurses realize that time is running out. Nothing seems to be working. Then they all hear a voice  telling them:‘Ask God for help.’

Dr.  Lloyd is inspired to pray like he has never prayed before. He is struck with an idea and decides to try a procedure never before attempted. When the ICU people arrive expecting to find a dead baby, they instead find a pink, crying infant.

After the ICU people leave, Dr. Lloyd asks which of the five nurses had made the prayer suggestion. Each swore that although they had heard those very same words, none of them had uttered them and no one else had been present in the room at the time.

Stern’s collection of inspirational and motivational stories asks the question, “Is there really such a thing as coincidence, or could there be an unknown force, a higher power, taking charge?” This is a question readers are likely to ponder as they read the collection of life inspiring messages contained within the pages of ‘Tales2Inspire’.

In a recent review of ‘Tales2Inspire’, Bernie Siegel, MD, author of ‘A Book Of Miracles’ and ‘365 Prescriptions for the Soul' stated, “This is a book with a heart. Filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a way that is life enhancing for all God's creatures. Our potential is miraculous when we choose to inspire the vapor of love. The people in these stories have always been my teachers. Read and learn the lessons of life.”

Each edition of ‘Tales2Inspire’ is a compilation of inspiring stories from contributing authors. Inspirational stories, submitted by authors, are judged by a peer group to determine eligibility for publication. There are no fees to submit for consideration, and winning authors receive many no-charge platform building opportunities. Future submission categories are likely to include themes such as Compassion, Reflections, Awakenings, Courage, Faith (non-denominational), Everyday Miracles, Dreams Fulfilled and Success through Perseverance, with those currently open continually updated on the Tales2inspire website.

Lois W. Stern is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at ‘Tales2Inspire’ is available at Amazon and other online retailers. More information is available at the website at

About Lois W. Stern:

After twenty years as an active educator, Lois continued to pursue her love for writing, and soon became co-editor of the then popular Long Island web-zine, LI EYE.

As she created and authored the column ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives’, she solidified her special niche as an investigative journalist and put those same talents to work in ‘Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery’ while interviewing over one hundred women about some of the most intimate, provocative aspects of their lives.

Her second book, ‘Tick Tock, Stop the Clock – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour’, contains contributing chapters by 11 nationally renowned experts. This book has become equally successful by helping to make affordable, ageless beauty a reality for many women.  Lois has written over fifty published articles, including the cover feature article for three annual editions of the Long Island Beauty Guide, and a number of well-respected Internet sites including MakeMeHeal, FitBeauty, and Fabulously 40 and Beyond, to name a few. She particularly enjoys the experience of getting to know each of her interview subjects as unique individuals. “There are some qualities one can't fake,” says Lois, who firmly believes that much of her success as an author is due to her personal touch: her ability to develop sincere relationships, unique story angles, and skilled human-based presentations.

To remain true to her craft, she seeks out professionals with proven expertise, passion for their work, and compassion toward those they service.   Lois is also proud, humbled and honored to have been selected as one of the 50 authors featured in ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ - first edition, published by The Authors Show.

More than Lois’s latest creation, ‘Tales2Inspire’ has become a passion, to which she dedicates over 100 hours per week. Her just published Emerald Collection, the first of her Tales2Inspire™ anthologies, is filled with ‘Beyond Coincidence’ true stories. Her goal is to continue to publish more winning inspirational stories in a series of short gift book collections with the name of each author credited for their story.


Lois W. Stern