Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Genetically Engineered Organ Replacement - A.W. Daniels, Author of 'Genetically Privileged' Issues Statement

Daniels is the author of two fiction novels that address the issue of genetic engineering. Daniels believes the implications of genetic engineering for society, both now and in the future, are staggering

A recent article on Soludify asked the question, 'Are genetically engineered organs the solution to donor shortages?'  A.W. Daniels, author of 'Genetically Privileged' and 'Genetically Conflicted' believes that lives can be improved and extended, while the ethical issues are virtually nonexistent.

"This field of genetics," Daniels stated, "is the most interesting of all. Not only are the ethical arguments eliminated, since the process uses cells from the patient's own body to manufacture the organ needed, but it also addresses a growing need for donor organs which are currently in short supply. The impact of developing these processes can be immediate and contribute to improving the quality, as well as the extension of life while removing the threat of the body rejecting the donor organ."

Those future benefits and challenges of genetic engineering, as well as the social implications, are subjects addressed in a pair of novels by Daniels, the first entitled "Genetically Privileged", and the second, now in release, entitled 'Genetically Conflicted'.

In the storyline of 'Genetically Privileged', nature disappoints a young couple's aspirations of parenthood. They turn to a series of fertility experts and finally an old friend. Their friend, as it turns out, has been modifying the human genome for a government project and the couple becomes entangled in a web of deceit. ‘Genetically Privileged’ is a socially relevant read, addressing the advancements of technology and science as Daniels speculates on the social impact of those developments.

In ‘Genetically Conflicted’, the seemingly idyllic world of the genetically engineered students from ‘Genetically Privileged’ is shattered as they are confronted by a foe bent on destroying not only their lifestyle but also those responsible for their very existence. The students learn quickly that theirs is not the only reality on this planet as they find themselves in a fight for survival against an enemy that insist upon unconditional compliance in return for their lives. These demands become increasingly complex as the students find their adversaries to be from the same family tree as their own. The students are still as charming as they were in the first edition; they’ve just learned to become more lethal.

‘Genetically Privileged’ has received numerous favorable reviews. Recently Midwest Book Review stated, "Genetically Privileged is an insightful spin of science fiction exploring genetic engineering, recommended." Kirkus Review stated, "Daniels skillfully develops a sense of threat. An inventive, intriguing novel. Animated plot and thoughtful questions posed about genetic manipulation.”

A.W. Daniels is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Both books are available at Amazon, Smashwords and CreateSpace. More information is available at Daniels' website at

About A. W. Daniels:

‘Genetically Privileged’ and 'Genetically Conflicted' are the first two offerings in a series of works by A. W. Daniels. The author's ability to craft compelling stories has been honed by extensive travel and observation of the human nature. This allows Mr. Daniels to weave a tapestry that colorfully, and sometimes bluntly, exposes the good and evil humankind inflicts on each other daily.


A.W. Daniels