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The Entertainment Books No Other Person Could Write – 'Circumstances Beyond My Control' By Author Ben Bryant

The followup to 'Three Stages’, Ben Bryant’s second book offers a backstage view of the inner workings of the entertainment industry from a different point of view - that of movie production

Hollywood memoirs and celebrity stories can be found everywhere today. But never have entertainment books been written that offer an insider’s backstage – and on stage – view of the inner workings of the entertainment industry at nearly every level over a period of five decades. Nobody could ever write such a series of books – save for one man – Ben Bryant.

While in his acting period, Bryant shared the stage (and personal occasions) with literally dozens of household name level stars such as Mel Brooks, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken, Charles Bronson, Roy Rogers, Barbara Hershey, Mary Martin, David Carradine, John Cassavettes, Raul Julia and scores of others. In his second book, covering his years in production, he presents an enlightening view of the world of film and television production.

"During my active years as a producer and First Assistant Director," Bryant stated, "I often found myself in social situations – both with fellow film professionals and 'civilians' – recounting bizarre or otherwise interesting and funny tales of my adventures in production. At least a dozen times someone said, 'You should write a book.' I often joked that, due to the nature of my work, should I ever create such a tome it would be titled 'Circumstances Beyond My Control'. Having finished 'Three Stages', book one of my autobiography, the obvious next step was this volume."

'Circumstances' picks up where 'Three Stages' left off in 1972 and continues until the early ‘90s. It is quite different since Bryant's life changed radically during that period. He had been a working professional singer/actor for fifteen years and, while remaining in showbiz, he quickly transitioned to the other side becoming a production manager, producer and First Assistant Director in commercials and movies.

Bryant’s captivating and utterly unique stories capture the entertainment industry experience in ways no other work has ever captured it before or ever will again. Every segment of the industry – theatre, television, Las Vegas, national tours, The Metropolitan Opera and the Broadway stage – occupies a place in his tale. Bryant’s insightful “backstage view” of the world of entertainment and filmmaking is panoramic. His up close and personal stories form the basis of a work that readers will find revealing, amusing and wildly entertaining.

"My observation," Bryant continued, "is that most people are interested in the process of movie making. There are TV shows and magazines devoted to the subject and most of them are exploitative of celebrity stories. I find that in my own life folks are fascinated by the behind the camera 'nuts & bolts' of the process. That’s the primary subject of "Circumstances Beyond My Control". The title derives from the chaotic, unpredictable and crisis management nature of the filmmaking process.

While a singer and actor, Ben Bryant performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as well as on stages and in concert halls all over the USA and Canada. He was even briefly an opera singer at the Met. He has known and worked with many extraordinary people. After leaving the stage he worked as a motion picture camera assistant, a sound man, a producer, a production manager, an assistant director, a cameraman and a video director. He was involved in the production of over 1,000 commercials and several movies, short films and documentaries. During his years in production he worked with many more household name level stars - from Carole King whose Central Park concert he production managed to Tony Randall and Paul Newman with whom he did commercials as an Assistant Director. 'Circumstances Beyond My Control' contains stories about more than a score of Hollywood and Broadway stars he worked and hung out with during these years.

Ben Bryant is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Both books are available at his website, at Payhip in all ebook formats and at Amazon in Kindle format. More information is available at Bryant’s website at

About Ben Bryant:
Ben Bryant’s show business and real world careers include being a choir director, an oratorio soloist, a musical theatre singer, an actor, a jazz arranger, a recording artist, a theatre director, operating partner in a typography company, a magazine production manager, a dancer, a motion picture camera assistant, a sound man, a producer, a motion picture production manager, an assistant director, a cameraman, a video editor, an author, a mentor and a video director.

He has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as well as on stages and in concert halls in the USA and Canada. He has worked with or known stars such as Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Alfred Hitchcock, Mel Brooks, Neil Diamond, Frank Zappa, Christopher Walken, Charles Bronson, Dave Brubeck, Roy Rogers, David Carradine, Jon Voight, Michael Bennett, Leonard Bernstein, Tony Martin, Charles Durning, Mary Martin, Jack Benny, Jack Jones, Frankie Avalon, Barbara Hershey, Dale Evans, Ricardo Montalban, Raul Julia, Cyd Charisse, Alan King, Jerry Orbach and many others.


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