Friday, December 27, 2013

Politicians Who Suffer From Depression: Terezia Farkas, Author Of Book Dealing With Depression, Issues Statement

Over 17 million Americans are dealing with depression - over 9 million of them are classified as clinical or major. Depression can strike anyone - including politicians. Best-selling Canadian author Terezia Farkas offers strategies for dealing with depression, encouragement and hope in her latest best-selling book about depression, 'Heart Of Love Evolution'

When we think about dealing with depression, politicians are not the first people to come to mind.  In a recent article in Canada's Toronto Star (, Bob Rae, the Liberal MP and former Ontario premier talked about his experience with depression.  In the same article Phil Upshall, National Director of the Mood Disorders Society of Canada stated that he knows of several members of the current cabinet who suffer from depression. The article also mentions the 2009 suicide of Dave Batters, former conservative MP from Saskatchewan.

“Overcoming depression” stated Ms. Farkas, “needs hope, courage and self-love. When you are regularly mocked or humiliated, your self-esteem cracks. You lose hope and courage. People don’t respond to mental injuries because the wound is not seen. So you start breaking down and forget that the pain you feel can and will pass. That’s the battered and broken soul. Depression is a desire to end the pain and the struggle to do so. It is the darkness that binds everyone - politicians included - who has given up hope, who believes that no one cares for them, and who think that suicide is the only way out.”

Terezia Farkas, author of the best-selling depression memoir 'Heart of Love Evolution - Surviving Depression', never imagined that she would attempt suicide until she slipped deeper and deeper into a state of desperation and depression. Her attempted suicides were a slow wake-up call that she needed to love herself. Her example shows that overcoming depression, while challenging, is not impossible.

Growing up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father, and a mother dying from cancer, Terezia stepped into the role of caregiver and homemaker at an early age. When her mother died, Terezia went from grief to depression and attempted suicides. Terezia's deepening despair made her not only question the meaning of her life, but also contemplate other elements that contributed to her state of depression.

Terezia was strong enough to survive her dark nights of the soul. She turned her life around by looking for the light within her experiences and through loving herself. She eventually found her soul path that at the end led her to a higher level of being and self-love. Terezia's message of hope and self-love shows that those who suffer from depression can go past the pain and hopelessness and can end up recovering from depression.

“The most important thing to keep in mind when battling depression," Farkas stated, "is to love yourself. I’m talking about the healthy self-love where you say I love who I am. I believe in myself. If you can do that and remind yourself daily, then lying down and dying is no longer an option.”

Terezia Farkas is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at  'Heart Of Love Evolution - Surviving Depression' is available at Amazon.  More information is available at her website at

About Terezia Farkas:

Terezia Farkas earned her two degrees, B.Sc. Psychology Specialization and B.Ed. at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her poetry and writings have been published in books, Canadian magazines, and newspapers. She is a Bestselling Author with Heart of Love Evolution, a memoir dealing with depression and how to recover from depression and suicidal thoughts.


Terezia Farkas