Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Storytelling: Christian Book Author Sabrowny Rae Offers A New Approach In 'Backdoor Tales'

Author Sabrowny Rae offers readers two completely unique perspectives on forbidden love, bundled as two books in one, in 'Backdoor Tales: Tears Of The Serpent and September Love'

[Wilmington, NC May 13, 2014]  Google 'storytelling' and you will be surprised at the number of definitions we have developed for the phrase 'storytelling'. Marketing experts believe storytelling can brand and position a company or organization. It is used in education as a teaching tool. There are storytelling festivals held all over the US. What was once just part of a conversation held around the kitchen table or a fire has today been transformed into many specific forms of communication that can be employed to achieve a particular set of goals. Sabrowny Rae, author of 'Backdoor Tales' has taken the art of storytelling in a completely different direction - back in time - in a way that is both unique and engaging.

Sabrowny grew up listening to her great grandmother spinning tall tales on the back porch, back when storytelling was just storytelling. She believes this art form has been lost today, as modern technology has replaced the oral word. She has brought that age-old art form into the present with the release of 'Backdoor Tales: Tears Of The Serpent and September Love'. The book is actually two books in one.

"My great grandmother," Sabrowny stated, "said that the heart of story telling allows the person listening (and in this case the reader) to be able to step into the tale and become a living part of it. It offers the listener (reader) to allow their imagination to take them to heights unheard of or ever seen before."

In the storyline of 'Tears Of The Serpent', after seven thousand years, Satan, king of the demons, travels back to the outskirts of heaven to seek the Son of God. He has a request to ask of God. He wants to experience love once more before he is thrown into the lake of fire. The king of all evil humbles himself with tears and begs to be allowed to live in a human for seventy years where he would receive love and form once more.

In the storyline of 'September Love', an American slave falls in love with her owner’s nephew. Their love transcends many hardships and barriers as they attempt to be together for life, while the sociopathic son of the slave owner attempts to keep them apart.

Sabrowny Rae is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at sabrownyr@yahoo.com. 'Backdoor Tales' is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris in ebook, paperback and hardback. More information is available at her website at http://www.sabrownyraebooks.com.

About Sabrowny Rae:

Sabrowny Rae is a native of Washington, DC where she lives with her husband and surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Her dream of writing in the style of the tall tales of her great grandmother only began with this, her first effort after she retired from her full time job as a registered nurse.

She has taken the written word and weaved a story that will keep readers wanting more using the same style of story-telling that allows readers to dig deep into their imaginations and see the tale come to life. Her stories are based on romance, intrigue, mystery, religion, and murder.


Sabrowny Rae