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Two May Events Have Biblical Significance, Timing That Could Mean Apocalyptic Earthquake Says Expert

Dr. Richard Ruhling, author and speaker for Bible prophecy conferences, says the WorldNetDaily debate to be televised worldwide on May 10 and the Operation American Spring, with plans for a million patriots in DC on May 16, have biblical significance, and because their timing fits Christ's misunderstood clues, Ruhling thinks a huge earthquake could initiate the Apocalypse

Ruhling sees significance to the Jewish festivals that the apostle Paul said are “shadows of things to come,” in Colossians 2:17. We might wonder what the world is coming to; Ruhling says judgment is impending on America, even as Christ cursed a fig tree for its pretentious foliage when it lacked fruit,  Matthew 21:19.

WorldNetDaily's televised debate on Christians' observance of the 4th Commandment is to be streamed live worldwide from WND-TV's website,, moderated by editor/founder, Joe Farah on May 10, at 2 pm ET.

This has biblical significance because the 4th Commandment is about worshipping God, but an impending New World Order will force false worship on all who can't buy or sell without compliance, according to Revelation 13:14-17. The debate will clarify the issue before Novus Ordo Secloram [on our $1 with Luciferian eye on pyramid] comes.

Operation American Spring begins with unarmed Americans loyal to the US Constitution intending to peacefully unseat key politicians that are leading America away from its Bill of Rights to favor United Nation guidelines. A million patriots are expected to participate in DC demonstations over a course of weeks beginning May 16.

"The patriots are seeking freedom," states Ruhling, "that the US Constitution offers—limited government with minimal taxes that now are forced on half the population to provide food stamps, healthcare and welfare for those who don't work—a form of slavery with the government running everything."

The biblical parallel to this is when God freed a million slaves in Egypt and gave them the greatest document for self-government—His law that the Bible says is “perfect, converting the soul,” Psalm 19:7.

The events of May 10-16 have biblical timing that some tend to overlook. Three times Christ said, "You don't know [understand] the day or hour." Each time He said it, He gave an example that fit a provision in their law for Passover a month later, Numbers 9:10,11.

1. “As in the days of Noah,” the Flood (judgment) came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month. Noah entered the ark on the 10th day ('s debate), the same date that a sacrifice was selected in Exodus 12:3. When people refused Noah's invitation to enter the ark, they selected themselves as a sacrifice.

Passover also saw a sheaf of barley waved as the first fruits of the harvest on the 16th day of the month. Believers see Christ's resurrection as the first fruits of the dead to be resurrected at His return. It was the 16th of the month, the 2nd day of Passover; it fits the DC gathering May 16.

2. When five women missed a wedding, Christ said, Watch (meaning a vigil) to be awake as God commanded for Passover and as Christ enjoined His disciples, Matthew 26:38-41. But Christ continued, “for [it's] like a man traveling to a far country,” Matt 25:14.

Israelites didn't travel in winter, but in spring if they took a long journey and couldn't get back for Passover, they were to keep Passover a month later as in Numbers 9:10,11. Christ was taking a long journey and believers might expect His [invisible] return as a “thief” at 2nd Passover because He said the law was in effect till heaven and earth pass, Matthew 5:18.

Passover was when God executed judgment, Exodus 12:12. Ruhling expects that possibility on May 15, the 1st day of the Passover week, He thinks it would be wonderful if believers world-wide would keep a vigil, focusing on the closing scenes of Christ's life, May 14, the eve of 2nd Passover, asking that if there's a God or man-made earthquake, it will turn America back to God, may He pass over the innocent and patriots.

Paul said the day of the Lord comes with sudden destruction as a thief, 1Thessalonians 5:1-6. The day of the Lord begins with an earthquake, Joel 2:10,11; Zechariah 14:1,5. A megaquake could initiate end-times and bring martial law according to Ruhling who says in that event, patriots heading to DC should   consider that “a prudent man sees trouble and hides himself"...Proverbs 27:12. In the Passover model, Israel had staff in hand and shoes on their feet ready to leave.

Readers can get a no-charge copy of Dr. Ruhling's ebook, 'Behold a White Horse', on Amazon, May 1 & 8. It's not all doom and gloom--there's Good News of high destiny for those who marry the Bridegroom in a covenant as Israel, Jeremiah 3:14. The wedding parables aren't about a rapture, says Ruhling. More information is available at

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