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Rusty Blackwood, Author Of Romantic Fiction Novel 'Passions In Paris', Announces Upcoming Release Of 'Willow's Walk'

Blackwood's latest romance novel follows 'Passions In Paris', a romantic fiction novel written in the tradition of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and 'What Dreams May Come'

Canadian Indie author Rusty Blackwood, author of 'Passions In Paris', has announced the upcoming release of her latest romantic fiction novel, 'Willow's Walk'. The new romantic fiction novel is scheduled for release in late summer or early fall of 2015.

The path each person walks is entirely their own. The pitfalls along that path, as well as the way in which they are dealt with are entirely up to the individual. Most use common sense, and are successful in their plight.

But Willow Sutherland Crosby walks a far-different path, and with her own agenda.

'Willow's Walk' is a gripping new tale, certain to hold readers captive from the very first page. Set in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada in 2003, this touching story centers on the life and times of a woman determined to prevail at all costs, regardless of what is set before her, the result of which is certain to leave the reader reeling in its wake.

Abuse, deception, intrigue, and a never ending quest for happiness and love. Will she find it, or will her blind determination finally take her down? This is what awaits the eye within the pages of this inspiring romance drama by romantic fiction author Rusty Blackwood.

"I'm both excited and pleased to be able to discuss my upcoming romantic fiction drama, 'Willow's Walk'," stated Miss Blackwood, "for like 'Passions/Revelations' it comes straight from my heart, and through its writing, has brought me countless enjoyment, and sometimes heartache. But being the hopeless romantic that I am, it is my wish that it will encompass the reader within the story being told, and possibly the message within its telling. I truly believe that when one is young the world seems an endless array of opportunity and fun, never once do you think of  the possible pitfalls lying in wait because of a choice you've made; even if you do you often turn a blind eye all the while convincing yourself it won't happen to you. Very often the choices made in youth travel with you throughout your life. This is what 'Willow's Walk' is about, and I hope the message it delivers will help the reader with their own choices, and along their own chosen path."

'Willow's Walk' follows the release of Blackwood's romantic fiction novel, 'Passions in Paris: Revelations Of A Lost Diary'. Her first romantic fiction book is a sweeping saga written in the tradition of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and 'What Dreams May Come'. It has been compared to Erich Segal's 'Love Story' and Nicholas Sparks' 'The Notebook'. The novel has also received extremely positive reviews from reviewers.

'Passions In Paris' has received rave reviews. Linkk Kula Kane said, "Passions in Paris I think stands it ground with these other powerful romantic stories like 'The Notebook' by Nicolas Sparks. A long kindled love, which finds its place from a romantic spark in the mind of one, to a mounting real life experience between two different worlds, brought together by an on going weave of circumstances, doubts, mystery, and intrigue, that sets ablaze forbidden emotions on a roller coaster ride of endless desire, and surmounting obstacles, that test the strength of their determination to prevail. Miss Blackwood has a rare talent to bring this and more into the minds and hearts of those who have had the privilege to be transported into her wonderful world of story telling."

Reader Fred Pifer stated that 'Passions', " . . .is a fascinating book of a love story that seemed to be written with me in mind. In the book 'Love Story' by Erich Segal, he told of a deep abiding love story that reminds me of Cullen and Joy’s in Ms. Blackwood’s book, but the twists of intrigue and mystery that she adds keeps the reader on edge throughout."

Other reviewers have praised 'Passions In Paris'. Reviewer Cat Howard said, "Eternal love, finding your true soul mate, and how echoes from past lives can influence the present, this story has it all . . . " Another Reader's Favorite reviewer stated, "Enjoyable and exciting, this is a book for people who have romance flowing in their veins."

'Passions In Paris' has a 4 star rating on Amazon.

Readers can download the Kindle version of 'Passions In Paris' at Amazon sites worldwide, including 'Passions In Paris' is also available at Amazon in paperback, Barnes and Noble in paperback and Nook versions, at Create Space and in all electronic versions at Smashwords.

Rusty Blackwood is available for interview in the Toronto area and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information, including 'An Evening With Rusty Blackwood - Parts 1-3' is available at her website at


Rusty Blackwood is a prolific Indie author of romantic fiction, short story comedies, contemporary and traditional poetry and children's books. Her first love is romantic fiction, but she crosses genres with ease.


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