Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wayne Clark, Author Of 'He & She', Takes 5 Star Silver Medal In Readers' Favorite International Awards

'he & She' is a powerful and penetrating look into male midlife crisis

Canadian author Wayne Clark has announced that 'he & She', a riveting work of fiction about male midlife crisis, has been awarded a 5-Star Silver Medal in the Readers' Favorite International Awards. 'he & She' is an in-depth, fictional exploration of the subject of male midlife crisis.

Male midlife crisis takes many forms. For some men it means simple low-level mid life depression. For others, a midlife crisis can be an agonizing experience, causing men to take sudden, dramatic steps that can change not just the life of one person, but many including spouses, children and other family members. Consequences can be separation, divorce, job loss and, in extreme cases, suicide. In the end, men in midlife crisis all ask the same question: What does a man do when nothing tastes good anymore?

In 'he & She', Wayne Clark gives readers a powerful and penetrating look into midlife crisis. A searing vision of the future, foretelling only pain, regret and failure, compels one man to make a last-ditch attempt to feel truly alive one more time, even if it kills him. His journey takes him down paths riddled with obsession, fantasy, alcoholism and BDSM, all wrapped in a smothering cloak of loneliness and desperation. Yet an image he finds by accident on the Internet triggers a tiny glimmer of the hope that compels him to take just one more shot at life.

"I am pleased," Clark said. "To have my book chosen from among thousands of entries from around the world was quite an honor."

“My novel," Clark continued, "is literary fiction. Much of it takes place in the main character’s head, which I believe is where people live most of their lives. It’s basically about a man getting to a point where most of his life is gone and what he sees around him is emptiness. Relationships are all but absent, as are goals, passions and libido. He asks if this is all there is to life, and panics. He ends up going on a journey he could never have imagined, in which he compulsively and blindly pursues an image he sees one night on the Internet, a young woman who turns out to be a dominatrix, a woman who ends up awakening in him an alter-ego of sorts."

Critics have praised the award-winning novel. BlueInk Review called it “… a stylish piece of literary fiction… intellectually engaging throughout. A finely drawn portrait of desire in its fall and winter seasons."

Wayne Clark is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'he & She' is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions and in all other digital versions at all major online retailers. More information is available at his website at

About Wayne Clark:

Award-winning author Wayne Clark was born in 1946 in Ottawa, Ont., but has called Montreal home since 1968. Woven through that time frame in no particular order have been interludes in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Germany, Holland and Mexico.

By far the biggest slice in a pie chart of his career would be labelled journalism, including newspapers and magazines, as a reporter, editor and freelance writer. The other, smaller slices of the pie would also represent words in one form or another, in advertising as a copywriter and as a freelance translator. However, unquantifiable in a pie chart would be the slivers and shreds of time stolen over the years to write fiction.


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