Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tales2Inspire Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day Through Appeal To Everyone To Preserve Their True Stories

Lois W. Stern, creator of 'Tales2Inspire', hopes to preserve as many Holocaust tales as possible, and urges others to do the same. A story by Mark H. Newhouse, the son of Holocaust survivors, and a story of a hero who saved many lives while sacrificing his own, provide poignant proof of the urgency of this appeal

April 16 marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in the United States. Proposed by Steven Spielberg, film director of Schindler's List, a story of a Nazi party member who saved 1,100 Jews from extermination, on this day, both Holocaust survivors and victims of the concentration camps are honored and remembered through ceremonies held all over the globe. Due to the advancing age of the eyewitnesses, many of these stories may be lost and, sadly, many will be forgotten. Lois W. Stern, creator of 'Tales2Inspire', wants to recognize the heroes and the victims. She urges others to make an effort to help assure that these stories are written and preserved.

"When I created Tales2Inspire," Stern stated, "I never realized what an important mission it would fulfill, but now I see how deeply it has inspired others to preserve their true stories - stories which otherwise would perish. Several of these stories share memories of either Holocaust heroes or survivors, convincing me once again of the importance of capturing one’s stories of the past, before it is too late. As you read their stories, the passion of each writer is palpable. 'Tales2Inspire' has become a powerful vehicle for preserving an essential part of history."

"The urgency to preserve stories before they are lost forever was made very clear to me by the heartfelt regret of Mark H. Newhouse, the son of Holocaust survivors, in his story, ‘Legacy Lost’, which I was proud to feature in 'Tales2Inspire ~ the Sapphire Collection'. In this powerful, true account, this award-winning author for the first time reveals how he lost the opportunity to tell the true story of what happened to his mother, an Auschwitz survivor, and makes a poignant appeal that everyone, not just authors, record those seemingly unimportant stories for those who may learn and be inspired by them in the future."

“Life-changing events such as the Holocaust become immediate and arouse our emotions when they take on a human face. The story of one helps us understand the tragedy of millions,” explained Mark.

Another powerful Holocaust story that cries out for preservation speaks to the heroic actions of a priest during this tragic period in history. Through a chance encounter with a stranger in a German cemetery, the author of 'A Profile in Courage' learns the riveting details of how her grandfather, a Greek orthodox priest, sacrificed his life while safe-harboring hundreds of Jews. ‘A Profile in Courage', now published in 'Tales2Inspire - The Emerald Collection', again bears witness to the importance of preserving our stories as an essential part of history.

'Tales2Inspire' provides both published and aspiring authors with an opportunity to get one compelling, motivational story published, and offers those whose stories are selected for publication with some strong branding and platform building opportunities. “I don’t like using the word ‘unique’, explains Lois, “but 'Tales2Inspire' is truly unlike any other writer’s contest. First, there is no submission fee. Then, even after the awards are announced, I continue to work with the author of a ‘tale’ which shows exceptional promise. I do not charge for any of these services because I am committed to the ideal of 'Authors Helping Authors'. Of course there is something in it for me too as I get first rights to publication of each winning ‘tale’. But I also get so much pleasure in bringing these inspiring stories out into the world, for so many thousands of others to enjoy and perhaps even move to action.”

Stern and Newhouse are accomplished presenters who are happy to make themselves available for media interviews and presentations. They can be reached using the information below or by email at The 'Tales2Inspire' series is available at Amazon and other book retailers. More information is available at the Tales2Inspire website at


Mark H. Newhouse is the multi-award winning author of The Rockhound Science Mysteries and Midnight Diet Club, as well as other books and stories for adults and children. After his story, ‘Legacy Lost’, was honored by 'Tales2Inspire', Newhouse has embarked on a middle grade novel, tentatively titled, Mysteries of Our Past, where a young boy must become a detective to uncover how his family was murdered during the Holocaust. “The success of ‘Legacy Lost’ convinced me of the importance of keeping these stories alive," he stated. "I don’t want to see a time when children stop learning about this tragic period in history, but I also want to create a story that offers hope that we can overcome the hate that seems so powerful today. And I do believe that is one of the central missions of 'Tales2Inspire'."

Lois W. Stern, creator of 'Tales2Inspire', an “Authors Helping Authors” project/contest, is passionate about this project which she initiated three and one half years ago. She works tirelessly to encourage and nurture the skills of authors whose stories show unique promise, and credits each author for their stories published within one of the 'Tales2Inspire' collections. Stern is proud to have already published four 'Tales2Inspire' books: The Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby Collections. Her goal is to continue to publish more books of wonderfully inspirational stories, which make great gifts for readers of all ages. The stories within this motivational series include true stories of many different themes featuring people, animals and inspiring, sometimes life-changing events. The important thing is that these stories infuse us with positive energy and hope.

Lois also wants to preserve stories that are not so serious, so for a change of pace she is hoping her next 'Tales2Inspire' book will be a collection of humorous, true stories, “because after all, humor is a great anecdote for uplifting one’s spirits and replenishing the soul,” she explains. The 'Tales2Inspire' 2015 contest is now underway, with a deadline date of May 1, 2015. Stern welcomes stories of many different themes and urges anyone who has a great story to share to visit her frequently updated website.


Lois W. Stern