Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Author Thomas Rauber Releases 'Bald Eagles Soar Again: One Man's Quest To Prevent The Extinction Of The Bald Eagle In The US'

Rauber's book details one man's decades long quest to save the American Bald Eagle

In the 1980’s the United States of America almost lost part of its national emblem. 'Bald Eagles Soar Again' chronicles Thomas J. Rauber’s dedication and work to prevent the extinction of this magnificent and majestic bird of prey.

In collaboration with Dr. Dean Amadon, Curator of Ornithology at the Museum of Natural History in New York, Rauber was instrumental in starting the restoration of the bald eagles in the United States. He studied these birds for 37 years; spending many hours observing the last known nesting pair in all of New York State. As part of his work, Rauber also traveled to Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, British Columbia and Queen Charlotte Island in Canada.

In 1963 the bald eagle population was at it's lowest point - fewer than 500 pairs were scattered throughout the lower 48 states. Thomas Rauber was employed by the Rochester Telephone Corporation at that time. He chanced to hear about a pair of nesting eagles in the area. He discovered the nest of the last pair of bald eagles in New York State. Thus began a journey of restoration that lasted for over 30 years.

The restoration program was a shining success — far exceeding the hopes of many. Bald eagles now live in every state but Hawaii. By writing this book, Rauber hopes to encourage the continued protection and conservation of the bald eagle.

"The technical assistance and advice I received from Dr. Dean Amadon," Rauber stated, "along with Dr. Eugene Dustman, Dr. David B. Peakall, Dr. William L. Reichel, Dr. Walter Spofford, Ward B. Stone, John Waters, Michael Allen, Peter Nye, Dr. Robert Bedson, Betty Minemier, and Margaret Mistretta were greatly appreciated. A special gratitude to Dr. Dean Amadon for his encouragement and counsel. My thanks to all who in any way contributed to this book."

Rauber's book is filled with background information, daily diary entries, reference information and photographs of bald eagles, never before seen, in nearly every kind of environment and situation.

'Bald Eagles Soar Again' is available in softcover  and Kindle formats. Thomas Rauber is available for interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at caskinas@optonline.net. More information is available at his website at http://www.savetheeagles.net.

About Thomas J. Rauber:

Thomas J. Rauber lives in a small town in New York. He served in General Patten’s Third Army in World War II. He is the father of 6 and worked for Rochester Telephone Company. His book is a reflection of his love and concern for the bald eagle because of the danger of extinction. Through his action, along with others, he has eliminated this tragic possibility.


Thomas J. Rauber