Saturday, May 16, 2015

Children's Book Author A. J. Cosmo And 'Look It's My Book!' Team Up To Gift Books To Children In Need

Centered on Cosmo's latest middle-grade novel, 'Soaked', the fundraiser will provide one book for an under privileged child for each copy sold

A.J. Cosmo, the author/illustrator of the best-selling "The Monster That Ate My Socks” is pleased to announce a “Give a Book, Get a Book” fundraiser for his new middle-grade novel 'Soaked'. Soaked tells the story of Aiden who, after standing up to a bully on the last day of class, finds himself trapped far from home with a bounty on his head and a whole neighborhood after him.

For the month of May, each print version copy of Soaked sold will provide one book for an under privileged child courtesy of 'Look it’s My Book!' 'Look it’s My Book!' is a non-profit organization based in Peoria, Illinois, that visits economically disadvantaged children and offers them a selection of free books. The children individually choose their favorite and get to take them home.

“Children who read are more likely to do better in life and children who choose what to read are more likely to continue reading,” said A.J. The importance of reading is indisputable with even President Obama launching his own literacy campaign in late April. However, he can’t do it alone.

How exactly does reading benefit children in the Internet age? Peter Gray, Ph. D, said it best "Stories provide a simplified simulation world that helps us make sense of and learn to navigate our complex real world." In short, stories allow us to practice living life and the children most in need of this practice just happen to be the ones that 'Look it's My Book!' serve.

“With all of the alternatives and distractions in the world, books still quietly offer an unmatched level of satisfaction. I think the time has come to read again,” said A.J. “I hope that in some small way 'Soaked' can help 'Look it’s My Book!' achieve that goal.”

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