Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heaven Can Be Now - Christian Author David Broderick Releases 'The Christ Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep'

The new Christian book shows how to be Christ-centered and to live life from the Christ-centered view. It covers daily life with its hazards, the law, marriage, prayer, leadership, the gospels and more

Many sincere Christians are frustrated.  Happiness and Heaven seem too far away in time and out of reach. Heaven is not a place and it is not in the future. Heaven is the presence of Christ -- a presence that can be experienced right here, right now. David Broderick starts from the point where others finish and leads readers to the same goal, following a path that is deeper and more real. He makes the path to Christ-centeredness available to everyone, right here, right now. In Broderick's opinion, Christ is for now, not just for heaven.

There are thousands of Christian books on the market - Christian books for men, for women, Christian books covering everything from prayer to marriage, forgiveness, Christian leadership - the list is endless. However, unlike many other Christian books, 'The Christ Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep' shows how to be Christ-centered and to live life from the Christ-centered view.

From a very different perspective, 'The Christ Centered Life' also covers daily life with its hazards, the law (Pentateuch), marriage, prayer, leadership, the gospels and more. This book however presents a radically different way of seeing the fall and how that addresses leadership issues with relation to women. It takes a different view of the law of God and shows how the law was fulfilled by Christ. The book is deep but practical in pointing the way to Christ-centered living. It contains no theological language and is for everyone who wants to know Christ in a deep way.

"I wrote this book," Broderick stated, "to address the need that many Christians feel for something deeper than they currently experience in their Christianity. I so often heard people crying out for more and wanting depth. Having taught Christ-centeredness for many years in churches, I felt it was time to bring that depth to a much wider community."

'The Christ Centered Life' is, above all, a Christian book that offer readers a practical approach to living a Christ centered life on a minute to minute basis. It shows the reader how to create a state of Christ consciousness right now, today. While many Christians believe Heaven is a future place, Broderick shows us that Heaven is right here, right now. Heaven is not a future goal. It requires not discovery, but rather acceptance. The book will challenge, encourage, stimulate, feed and strengthen the Christian who wants to continually draw nearer to Jesus the Christ and to get to know him in intimacy. It is deep as its subtitle suggests, but it is accessible to everyone who desires to know Christ more.

David Broderick is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at davidbroderick7@talktalk.net. 'The Christ Centered Life' is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at his website at http://www.thechrist-centeredlife.com.

About David Broderick:

David is a mature Baptist pastor living in Scotland and is currently based in City Gates Baptist Church in Edinburgh where he is involved in teaching, discipleship, small group leadership and pastoral care. David has been a Christian for many decades and entered pastoral ministry in 1999 at the age of fifty-one.


David Broderick