Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book Marketing And Publishing Services For Self Published Authors - Hope Point Press Now Offers Publishing Services

Hope Point Press offers editing, cover design, page layout, video trailers, e-book conversion, web site design, marketing, copyright services and more

Hope Point Press has announced they have opened their doors to published authors who hope to achieve marketing success in today's digital driven marketplace.  It is challenging to write and publish a book, especially in today's environment.  Getting the book published is only half the battle.  Marketing is the other half of that battle and it is marketing that is of primary concern for most authors.

Social media, blogging, book signings, running advertisements, radio and television interviews - all of these are tools authors must have in their tool kit.  But do these actually produce sales?  In many cases the answer is no.  The explosive growth of the Internet offers a real opportunity for self-published authors, but the marketing methods that will produce success in this environment are very different from what will produce success in the real world.  In that so many book buyers use the Internet to explore discover and make purchasing decisions Internet Marketing becomes the primary focus for self-published authors today.  Unfortunately there is a lot of unproven hype regarding what will produce real results for authors.  

Hope Point Press offers tools and techniques that have proven to create success.  Their services are groundbreaking and eliminate the guesswork.  This allows the author to make informed decisions before spending money or guessing. Ultimately what Hope Point Press offers is truth, backed by fact - not fiction.

Hope Point Press was founded by author Emeka Iwenofu. As a successful self published author, he has been there and done that. His role is to help self-published authors navigate through the minefield of options and to offer real world solutions that work.

"I started this publishing company in order to educate writers on the exact steps to publishing and marketing their books professionally without making the expensive blunders that I made earlier on," Iwenofu stated. "Selling books is a very difficult task that can leave any author frustrated who is trying every method they think works but have little to show for it. I know because I was there. I did radio commercials, news ads, guest interviews, hours and hours of social media while even flying out to California to appear on a show that I was told had over 2 million listeners only to come up empty in sales. It felt very demoralizing to me after having spent over $5,000 in expenses without even getting $500 in sales. So I was really heartbroken until I discovered the real secret to selling my books and why it works. And as I went along, different people would ask me on how to go about getting their book out there. So after a while of thinking, I decided of creating a website on every step necessary to publishing and marketing books with the proven techniques that really do work backed by data rather than theory."

Hope Point Press's services include, but are not limited to:

* Editing Services

* Author Websites

* Book Trailers

* Book Cover Design

* Page Layout

* Marketing

and a host of services that can make publishing and promoting self-published books affordable and simple.

Hope Point Press provides no-charge informational podcasts and in depth articles that cover all aspects of the self-publishing process at their website.

"My site, which I deliver in the simplest form possible,  provides whatever services any author needs or is looking for to getting their book published," Iwenofu concluded. "Whether it be getting an ISBN, a professional editor, where to post your book online, the proper marketing or even how to write an effective book, Hope Point Press delivers. It just delivers the truth to any author who wants to be successful writing and selling books without the hype."

Emeka Iwenofu is available for interviews or general publishing questions and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at the Hope Point Press website at

About Hope Point Press:

Hope Point Press is a publishing company started by self published author Emeka Iwenofu.


Emeka Iwenofu