Thursday, June 18, 2015

Effects of Child Abuse: Long Term Effects Are Devastating Says Martha DuSage, Author Of Book About Recovery From Abuse

Recent events involving the Duggar family have again brought the issue of abuse to the forefront of our consciousness. Martha DuSage believes it is silence that perpetuates abuse of any kind

The recent Duggar controversy has brought child abuse back to the headlines. Martha DuSage, author of 'Why Bother? Because Self Help Is Never Stupid', believes that the subject is being whitewashed. Many other articles have proposed that this is the case. Jason Easley, in an article entitled "Fox News Interview Backfires Instead Shows Why Duggars Should Never Be Allowed Back On TV", on PoliticusUSA stated, "Fox News thought they were helping to save the Duggars, but in reality, they did the public a favor by showing the world why this family should not be allowed on national television."

"I know from personal experience," DuSage stated, "that this type of thing resurfaces at some point in life. The Duggar's minimization of Josh's behavior, and the imposing of their beliefs, is exactly what has caused so many victims to not speak up."

"Like, many survivors, I am estranged from the people who made excuses for abuse, allowing it to be acceptable, so they could remain in denial, avoiding the responsibility to deal with the issue. I heard them use God, religion, forgiveness, and more, as excuses for doing nothing to help me recover. I was supposed to 'just get over it', words that trigger re-victimization in survivors. Often survivors are rebuked for speaking up, which is not an expression of love and support. Dismissal and indifference toward abuse is a sick way of showing love."

Martha has stepped through the looking glass of dysfunction and abuse to discover, what we can all discover, an end to suffering. Through over 20 years of practicing heart-centered conscious knowing, she has first-hand wisdom, rather than clinical experience to share; helping others to see things in a new light regarding their abuse has become a passion of Martha’s. By practicing this heart-centered knowing, a peace within can be created.

DuSage's latest book, 'Why Bother? Because Self Help Is Never Stupid', was written to encourage readers to find a deeper knowing, awareness and appreciation for why it is important to bother. Everyone wants ways to step beyond just coping and into moments of peace, joy and contentment. She shows readers that living through heart-centered conscious knowing and integrity provides a sense of strength, courage, support and comfort while facing the sometimes uncomfortable truth of reality. It covers a wide range of topics, including creation, miscreation, co-creation, ego, embracing and acceptance of all aspects of self and others, forgiveness, abuse, dysfunction, meditation and exercises to process fear and anger but with an element of lightness and humor that isn’t always common in self-help books.

"My goal in writing this book," DuSage concluded, is to help survivors, and those who don’t recognize that they experienced abuse, see that their abuse occurred in more than one way. Too often abuse is dismissed by other using shame, blame, guilt, denial, anger, and indifference, leaving survivors feeling rejected and alone. Recognition will help survivors empower themselves, and take charge of their will to heal. In doing so, we can propel the eradication of abuse.”

Martha DuSage is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Why Bother? Because Self Help Is Never Stupid' is available at Amazon and other book retailers. More information is available at her website at

About Martha DuSage:

Martha Du’Sage is a writer, speaker, teacher, facilitator, and the best-selling author of 'Why Bother? Because Self-Help is Never Stupid'. Martha has overcome dysfunction and abuse to discover an end to suffering. Through over 20 years of practicing heart-centered conscious knowing, she has first-hand wisdom, rather than clinical experience to share; helping others to see things in a new light regarding their own abuse has become her passion.

Along with being a student of conscious awareness for over 25 years, she has received certification in NLP, Deeksha – Oneness Blessing, Reiki, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, body wrapping, fitness and nutrition.

Currently, she is in the process of developing several workshops, including “The Heart Pillar” which was introduced in her book and is a powerful tool in creating a pillar of personal empowerment. She offers a variety of private sessions to help other discover the “I AM”.


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