Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Author Y Abrahaim Releases 'Travesty', Book About Race Relations In America

Abrahaim creates inspirational literature that gives readers a new sense of awareness about the world around them

Author Y. Abrahaim has announced the release of 'Travesty', a book about race relations in America. Abrahaim creates inspirational literature that gives readers a new sense of awareness about the world around them. Truth, integrity and character play major roles throughout all her works. She produces penetrating visions through the minds, motives and lives of her characters; illustrating that people do not see the world as it is - they instead see the world as they are.

'Travesty' details a forbidden interracial relationship during the Montgomery bus boycott that leads to lies, treachery and murder. 40 years later, as a cold case file, secrets are revealed and  lies uncovered as unknown evidence from an unknown witness surfaces, revealing the truth behind a race relationship that ultimately rocked the lives of all involved.

This book depicts a “Travesty” through the eyes of a young Klansman who discovers the travesty surrounding his life, and through this discovery, he realizes the love, and meaning behind his life is just that … a travesty. This realization derives through the most unexpected individual; a young African-American woman. Through the realization of this “travesty” a life is taken, and through that other lives are destroyed. 40 years later he now has to confront the reason behind this life lost, and bring clarity to his role in the murder that rocked the lives of all involved.

"I wrote this book," Abrahaim stated, "to illustrate the lack of reason behind prejudice. I wrote this book to highlight how prejudice creates a travesty, and the power behind a travesty. Consider the definition of travesty which is a 'false representation, distortion or debased version' of something. The view of African Americans in this country then and even now is a travesty. My books shines a light on the travesty behind race relations in America. "

Abrahaim has also recently released 'Real Women Pray',  a combination of prayers and poems that uplift, motivate and inspire women of all ages. Other works currently in production include:

'Memoirs of Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill, The President And Me'. The first in a four volume series, the storyline details an exclusive interview with a retired Secret Service agent who reveals an unprecedented friendship, and thus, creates  an unlikely one. Through this interview the two discover the “what” that was lacking in their lives, while creating a memoir expounding on the life of the most controversial President to have ever been inaugurated into the White House.

'The Sacrifice', In which The Law of Free-Will creates a battle zone within the Universe between good and evil over what we know as Earth.

'The King And I: Emmanuel: A musical that talks about the life of a King through the eyes of those who knew Him as  Emmanuel, and were touched by Him as Jesus Christ.

Y. Abrahaim is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Travesty' and 'Real Women Pray' are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Payhip. More information is available at her website at

About Y. Abrahaim:

Y. Abrahaim has been writing since the age of 9. She believes being able to create a life, an event, a theme, plot, in addition to creating the effect the event, theme, plot has on the character is the most exciting act one can exercise. She also believes that being an author is empowering, in that an author develops an individual and through that creation another life is touched, moved and empowered. Thus a mind is opened to an endless possibility of another world that exists in a life created on paper.


Y. Abrahaim