Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What The Afterlife Is Like - Multi Award Winning Author Brian McLaughlin Chosen As One Of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' For 2016

McLaughlin's book about NDE, 'A Flight Without Wings - My Experience With Heaven' details his totally unique near death experience. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment, no preaching and no hidden agenda.

Brian McLaughlin, author of 'A Flight Without Wings' has been chosen as one of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' in the 2016 Book Awards program. McLaughlin was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process. This is the second year in a row he has qualified for the award.

Brian McLaughlin is one of very few people who have had the near death experience. The simple message he offers as the result of his NDE holds the key to peace, freedom from fear and the power to change the world and everyone and everything in it.

Brian McLaughlin shows us clearly in his book how, through a single key concept, we can experience a life filled with peace in the midst of discord. We can find freedom from fear when faced with uncertainty. We can overcome any form of anxiety, even while facing down threats from within and without. Depression, despair and dismay can easily be transformed into peace, confidence, contentment and joy in one single stroke. What is this most powerful concept that will allow us achieve these states?

The key is to accept that the afterlife really does exist - without question. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with truth. While the afterlife cannot be proven using a scientific method based in the physical, it can be proven through one's experience. McLaughlin is one of very few people who have had that experience. He speaks from that experience and his readers and audiences reap the benefits.

Recently McLaughlin stated:  “Each Near Death Experience that people might return from, offer similarities. The differences appear to be mostly in the different presentations. Although I never set out to write something to be specifically “different” from most of the other accounts, it became unique by the way it spoke to the readers.

"In explaining my experience in my book, I tried to engage the readers by being honest and simple.  I left room for each individual to gather support of their own belief systems without having to subscribe to anything outside their ‘comfort zone’ .  I have stated before that my concept of Heaven was not met in my experience, but it was never the less, profound in its own right.

"I was not disappointed in what I saw and felt, it just lacked the fanciful pre-conceived notion that I had of Heaven.  I didn’t make the comparison until I returned,  when I thought back and realized that I hadn’t  seen any halos or wings or archangels.  What I experienced was pure and simple.”

'A Flight Without Wings' offers readers a look at the near death experience from an unbiased point of view. It is the presentation of the material that sets this book apart from the other books about the near death experience. It is raw and it's real. There is no embellishment and no hidden agenda. While his book has a spiritual flavor certainly, there is no preaching and no religious messages. It is his near-death experience, just as it happened.

McLaughlin's experience changed the course of his life forever.  It instilled in him what we all seek - certainty about life after death. And with that a peace of  mind that can never be shaken, nor can it be doubted. His near death experience brought a sense of clarity. It brought a sense of real, lasting peace. He now knows with certainty that we exist forever and it is that message he hopes to bring back in the interest of giving back. It is that simple message he offers to his audience through his book, at his speaking engagements and in his media appearances.

Brian's upcoming media engagements include:

Chapters Rap TV - Dr. Jeff Fox, Pure Dental. Dr. Fox traveled with Medical Wings International, a team of ten medical, dental and vision care professionals along with in-country American Airlines employee partnership, joined forces and committed their resources towards helping those less fortunate than themselves. They treated over 1200 patients in a non-stop, three day medical mission and provided services to the people of Ataco, El Salvador.

Reviews of 'A Flight Without Wings' have been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Penny Sartori, author of 'The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences', said "This book will help others who have had an NDE to make sense of their experience and will also help those close to someone who has had an NDE because NDEs affect close family members and friends too."

Jack Magnus, a reviewer with Readers Favorite, called the book a "well written and moving memoir that neither delves into the fanciful or dogmatic,...”  "…Well worth reading, and is highly recommended." Another stated, "Being a mother who lost her only child I found it to be a great comfort to me." Another said, "I have read many accounts such as these, but this beautifully written account simply touched my heart in ways that previous ones have not."

Mark Feuerstein, Actor (Royal Pains, USA Network) wrote: “I have read it and I think it’s an inspiring tale of deep insight and so personal and yet so universal . . . such profound perspective.”

Brian McLaughlin is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at bamplaya@msn.com. 'A Flight Without Wings' is available at Amazon, Payhip and other book retailers. More information is available on his website at: http://www.BrianMcLaughlinBooks.com.

About Brian McLaughlin:

Brian McLaughlin is the award-winning author of 'A Flight Without Wings'. In his inspirational book, Brian vividly depicts his journey into Heaven and his following return to life caused by a massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico twenty-one years ago.


Brian McLaughlin