Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Penny Pearlman, Author Of Pretty Smart, To Appear On Mind Your BIZness Through October 24, 2009

Author details why Miss America winners and contestants embody the values that can make one successful in any field of endeavor.

Penny Pearlman, author of Pretty Smart: Lessons From Our Miss Americas, will be appearing on Mind Your BIZness radio until October 24, 2009. In her book, Ms. Pearlman explains why being smart isn't enough to guarantee success and illustrates what else it takes through the inspiring stories of the women who became Miss America.

“This book,” stated Ms. Pearlman, “is an inspiring and provocative look at what it takes to be a winner. The lessons in Pretty Smart provide practical advice about dealing with naysayers and self doubt, how to bounce back from adversity and rejection, what to do when your motivational dial is at zero and how to employ the habits of successful people. Pretty Smart takes a fresh approach to the message of ‘following your dream and achieving success’.”

This book goes behind the pretty faces of these women and looks at what they have done to achieve professional and personal success and make a difference in this world. Highlights of their stories, from Jean Bartel, Miss America 1943 to Jennifer Berry, Miss America 2006 illuminate the universal truths of the secrets of success.

“So many people have asked me,” stated Ms. Pearlman, “how I came up with the idea for Pretty Smart. I’m a management consultant with a degree from Wharton and my only experience with Miss America was watching the Pageant on television. After surviving stage IV lymphoma several years ago, I decided to not just survive but thrive. I know what it means to have a dream and a goal and the drive to make them a reality. When I decided to write a book to motivate people to pursue their passion and looked for role models, Miss America popped into my head. Their stories prove that it takes vision, discipline, drive and yes, brains to win the crown and dispel the stereotypes that many have of women who participate in the Miss America pageant.”

Pretty Smart: Lessons From Our Miss Americas
Penny Pearlman
ISBN: 978-1438937618


Penny Pearlman is a member of the National Speakers Association, She is known for her magnetic, insightful and inspiring presentations and her positive and upbeat attitude. Penny engages audiences in a dialogue with themselves and each other.

She customizes her programs to fit her audiences' needs and challenges. As an accomplished strategic change facilitator, she has helped individuals and organizations find solutions for success in an uncertain environment. Her personal journey has included executive positions, management consulting and non-profit leadership. Penny has worked with the boards and management of large and small organizations to achieve their desired outcomes.


Penny Pearlman
Westport CT

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