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Corporate Executives And Robber Barons: History Repeats Itself Says Rich DiSilvio, Author Of The Winds Of Time

History is repeating itself and the age of the modern day robber baron is upon us says Rich DiSilvio, author of The Winds Of Time. Reckless profiteers have infiltrated both politics and the media and, much like their historical counterparts, they may have set modern day America on the path to potential destruction.

As America entered the Twentieth Century, Americans witnessed a volatile period of creativity, ingenuity, and productivity. However, the highly ambitious and industrious tycoons of the day were also prone to unchecked and reckless behavior. Tagged with the name “Robber Barons”, Mark Twain aptly summed up their credo as such, “Get money. Get it quickly. Get it in abundance. Get it dishonestly, if you can, honestly, if you must.”

“As America entered the Twenty First Century,” Mr. DiSilvio states, “we have unfortunately found out that this credo is still alive and well, yet far more iniquitous and repugnant. Corporate CEOs have reached new heights of greed, by awarding themselves obscenely astronomical salaries and unwarranted bonuses. Worse still, others have mindlessly sold out American solvency and security by massive outsourcing initiatives to China and India, which has stolen jobs from tens of thousands of Americans, all to make a personal buck, or rather many millions of bucks. Of equal concern, their malignant power has found new ways to more effectively infiltrate and manipulate politics and the media.”

“Most ominous,” DiSilvio warns, “is the lobbying muscle of today’s robber barons that entice politicians with huge campaign funds; the result being that senators, congressmen and even presidents have too eagerly jettisoned their sworn public duties to embrace their overlords’ greedy agendas. These agendas can be to monopolize a new program, such as General Electric pushing for green technologies, since they’re well positioned to make huge profits with their heavily promoted yet lackluster windmills, or they can push politicians to deregulate their lustful appetites. This was evident in the case of AIG CEOs prodding Senator Chris Dodd, along with the aid of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, to amend the Stimulus Bill with a clause that placed no limits on retention bonuses that were already under contract. Hence, AIG CEO’s power-managed their political underlings to fork over a 170 billion dollar bail out (of our hard-earned tax dollars) so they could turn around and hand over 165 million dollars to their top executives in the form of retention bonuses, many of whom took part in ruining millions of peoples’ financial investments and lives. The new age of robber barons mirrors the old, as they all are motivated by greed. This greed has carried over to the politicians in Washington DC, who have all been bought, and this ultimately secures their scandalous seats of power and keeps the unethical wheels of corruption in perpetual motion.”

Rich DiSilvio is the author of The Winds Of Time, a sweeping history of civilization that offers both hope and warnings. Mr. DiSilvio is available for interview and can be reached using the information below. The Winds Of Time is available at, Barnes & Noble,, Borders, Waldenbooks, Alibris, and at

The Winds Of Time
Rich DiSilvio
ISBN: 978-09817625-2-4


Rich DiSilvio, the author of The Winds Of Time, is a scholar with a broad spectrum of historical interests. He has written articles on history, politics, art and music, which have appeared in books, magazines and on web sites. Throughout his professional life, DiSilvio has engaged several fields, having been an architectural designer, remodeler, artist, book and music industry illustrator, new media developer, educational software programmer/publisher and writer.

He pioneered the first interactive CD-ROM for training educators how to teach children with autism. The Autism Academy software featured a curriculum by Joanne Gerenser of Eden II Programs and premiered in 1999 under the umbrella of his new corporation Digital Vista, inc.

DiSilvio's work in the music and entertainment industries includes commentaries on the great composers (such as the top-rated Franz Liszt Site), and the Pantheon of Composers porcelain collection, which he conceived and created for the Metropolitan Opera. His artwork and new media projects have graced the album covers and animated advertisements for numerous super groups and celebrities, including, Elton John, Cher, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Moody Blues, Madonna, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Miles Davis, Janet Jackson, Alice Cooper, Queen and many more. He has also worked on projects for historical documentaries, including “Killing Hitler– The True Story of the Valkyrie Plot”, The War Zone series, Hollywood Director James Cameron’s “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, “Return to Kirkuk” and many others.


Rich DiSilvio

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