Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In FourEver Friends, Award Winning Author Erica Miner Describes Growing Up In The 1960s In Detroit MI

Miner’s new release offers an in depth, first person glimpse at an era that Baby Boomers look to with nostalgia and young adults look to with curiosity

Though many people today think of the Sixties as a bygone era,Boomers hold these years dear within their hearts and minds. Baby Boomers now make up a very large percentage of the US population. And, much like the generations before them, they have fascinating stories to tell. One of those stories has been released by award winning author Erica Miner. FourEver Friends, Erica Miner's latest novel tells the tale of four teenage girls set in 1960s Detroit.

"Originally," stated Ms. Miner, "I wrote the book as a love letter to my four ‘BFFs’ and to the school that gave us all an astonishing foundation that we were able to draw on for our musical lives. Now, with the impending retirement of Baby Boomers and the ongoing fascination with the 1960’s era, I realize just how timely the book will be."

In FourEver Friends, Ms. Miner takes us back to an era that Baby Boomers look to with nostalgia and young adults look to with curiosity. The 60s were a time of new hope and idealism that ultimately dissolved into volatility and violence. In a specialized inner city Detroit high school, four teenage girls have established the roots of lasting friendship. Their backgrounds are different, but their passion for classical music and angst over raging hormones link them irrevocably. The girls' school is a cultural melting pot of race and ethnicity in which students are judged by their intellect and talents, not the color of their skin or religious upbringing.

As the four friends negotiate the turbulent waters of adolescence and bond through their music performances throughout Detroit, forbidden loves and jealousies mar their closely-knit friendship. But they always remain loyal and true to each other. In the end, poised for the leap into their post-high school lives, they question their ability to maintain their closeness in future years, when increased possibilities of separation may threaten the sanctity of their group. Nonetheless, they swear lifelong loyalty as they set off on their new paths.

FourEver Friends is now available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and at Erica Miner’s website.

FourEver Friends
Erica Miner
Nightengale Press
ISBN - 9781933449739


Violinist turned author Erica Miner has established a reputation as an award-winning screenwriter, author, lecturer and poet.

A native of Detroit, she studied music at Boston University, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the Tanglewood Music Center. After experiencing a variety of highs and lows in her quest to forge a career in New York City, Erica won the coveted position of violinist with the Metropolitan Opera Company. When injuries from a car accident spelled the end of her musical career, she drew upon her lifelong love of writing for inspiration and studied poetry and screenwriting, winning awards in both categories.

After moving to the west coast, Erica honed her screenwriting skills with author and script guru Linda Seger of "Making a Good Script Great" fame and with Ken Rotcop, the author of “Perfect Pitch.” Erica’s ten screenplays, one of which is based on her award-winning debut novel, Travels with My Lovers, have won awards and/or placed in such competitions as WinFemme, Santa Fe and the Writer’s Digest. She was a prizewinner in the Damas Gracias Poetry Competition in Upstate New York, and her essays and articles have appeared in Vision Magazine, WORD San Diego and numerous newsletters and E-zines. She is the author of Travels with My Lovers and FourEver Friends. Erica has completed the screenplay of her new novel, Murder in the Pit, scheduled for release in 2010.

In addition Erica has developed a number of writing lectures, workshops and seminars on writing. Erica is available for interview and can be reached by using the information below.


Erica Miner