Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 9-12 Project Show Announces Interview Lineup For The Week Of September 21, 2009

Each week, the 9-12 Project Show features interviews with political guests from across the country

Every week, The 9-12 Project Show features interviews with candidates for public office from across the country. This week Danielle Hampson, host of the show, features an interview with Doug Hoffman, candidate for US Congress in New York.

"The 9-12 Project Show", stated Ms. Hampson, "has no political party affiliation. It is about 'Americans First' and about bringing true leadership that represents 'We The People' so that we create a 'government by the people', rather than a 'government by the elite'. As we move closer to the 2010 election, the 9-12 Project Show hopes to feature candidates who adopt and live by the 9 Principles and 12 Values as set forth by the 9-12 Project launched by Glenn Beck early 2009. The 9-12 Project Show is an all volunteer effort."

"The goal of the show is to offer 9-12 candidates from around the country a platform to get their message to the public in a professional interview format. Questions and answers are about the candidates, their background, what they stand for, their platform, their short and long term objectives and how they plan to achieve them. Our current President very cleverly leveraged the power of the Internet during his campaign to get to the masses, and we need to learn from that lesson. As an entrepreneur who owns and operates an online radio/TV production & broadcasting business, I am able to offer to put the Internet media means at my disposal to help leverage that same power, in order to regain our country by putting the proper leadership in
place in 2010."

Upcoming interviews include Rick Flanigan, candidate for US Congress in Oklahoma, Rosanna Pulido, candidate for US Congress in Illinois, Bernard Sansaricq, candidate for US Congress in Florida, Dave Westlake, candidate for US Senate in Wisconsin, Matt Sakalosky, candidate for US Congress in Nebraska and Jake Towne, candidate for US Congress in Pennsylvania.

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Danielle Hampson was born and educated in Europe. She became a U.S. citizen in the early 1990's. As a multi-lingual international business consultant, she traveled the world helping business executives implement global marketing strategies.

As the founder of a business networking organization, she has also helped thousands of entrepreneurs develop and improve their networking skills.

It is through networking that Danielle began her work in media, hosting a business show which she continues to do today. The 9-12 Project Show is one she is personally passionate about as the result of her experience living in different countries prior to making the United States of America her permanent home.


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