Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Authors Show Radio Announces Author Interview Lineup For Week Of September 7, 2009

The Authors Show radio features five new established and up and coming authors each week

Every week, The Authors Show, radio version features interviews with up and coming authors from around the world. This week The Authors Show radio features five new and established authors. Don McCauley, host of The Authors Show radio, had the opportunity to speak with Judith Shahverdian, author of 'The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Bootsie Bear And His Crew', Robert Schwartz, author of 'Your Soul's Plan', Jack Adler, author of 'Make Steady Income As A Travel Writer-Without Traveling', Brenda Hill, author of 'Beyond The Quiet' and Dane Cunningham, author of 'Take A Look Within'.

The broadcasts for the week and the schedule for all upcoming shows can be accessed at

The Authors Show radio, produced by features one new author per day and features published and self published authors across all genres. Fiction and non-fiction authors are featured on the show.In addition to radio broadcasts, also offers a number of other venues for authors, including The Authors Show TV segment, Mind Your Bizness and The Women Authors Book Club.The Authors Show venues are the brainchild of Danielle Hampson, founder of The company also produces a television version of The Authors Show and the Women's Book Club. “Our combined outlets,” stated Ms. Hampson, “offer a multi-faceted approach and a very welltargeted opportunity to those hoping to get the word out about their books.”

The show is hosted by Don McCauley, founder and facilitator of the Free Publicity Focus Group at

Interviews on the radio version of The Authors Show are offered at no charge to authors. Applicants for the show are required to fill out a simple form to provide basic information about their publication, and must provide a synopsis of the book, a simple headshot and a jpeg of the cover work. Interviews average 15 minutes in length and are rotated on a daily basis.

Further information regarding The Authors Show can be found at the group's website at

Ms. Hampson can be reached by email at

Further information is also available by contacting Don McCauley by email at, or by visiting

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