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Ami Moore, The Chicago Dog Coach, Releases The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog Wants You To Lead

In her new book, Ami Moore describes how people with problem dogs are perhaps dogs with problem people. She describes how the baggage people bring to their human relationships is the same baggage they bring to their relationship with their dog.

Ami Moore, the Chicago Dog Coach, recently released The Alphatude Attitude. The book reveals how a dog owner’s mental and emotional states and behaviors influence a dog for good or for evil. Ami Moore has found that the baggage that people bring to their relationships with people is exactly the same baggage that they bring to their relationship with their dog.

“Every client who calls me” stated Ms. Moore, “has the same needs; they want the pain to stop. It might be the pain of living with a dog that is not potty trained or the pain of living with a dog that is biting children. I tell every client the same thing. You really don’t have a dog problem--you have a dog with a people problem. The Alphatude Attitude will help loving dog owners understand that their dog’s behavior is a reflection of their own energy and attitude. If a dog owner transmits ‘Alphatude’, the owner will have a great dog with very little effort. On the other hand, if a dog owner transmits ‘Losertude’, the owner is going to have major problems.”

Ami Moore is widely recognized as one of America’s leading dog training masters. She has dovetailed her love of learning, her coaching skills and her love of dogs into the creation of a vibrant company that has enabled her to create harmony between homeowners and dogs in homes all over America. With over 20 years of experience in the field she invests a tremendous amount of time giving back to the community. As a dog trainer, personal coach and therapist, she assists non-profit organizations in creating and implementing therapy/service dog programs in schools, churches, community centers, prisons and other businesses.

Her first and true love however is canine behavior modification and problem solving. Ms. Moore has pioneered the use of electric dog training equipment as positive reinforcement, and combined this groundbreaking innovation with motivating dog's natural drive to follow a strong leader.

The Chicago Dog Coach employs a unique three point-intervention plan for dog-owner education and rehabilitation.

* The first foundational element is dog psychology which deals with the internal and instinctual aspects of the dog and owner or ‘Alphatude’.

* The second foundational element is dog training or ‘Amiability’ which teaches the dog the meaning of words. Dogs can’t succeed in the world if they remain ignorant of human language.

* The third foundational element is Activity; meaningful interaction that combines the elements of affection and ‘Alphatude’.

“I always tell my clients,” stated Ms. Moore, “that their dogs need leadership more than love. ‘Alphatude’ is the leadership attitude expressed in a way that the dog understands. Dogs don’t really understand abstractions like words or emotions. Dogs understand concrete communication: tone, body language and facial expression. For some people this is a difficult concept. I tell them not to worry. Just fake it until you make it!”

Ami Moore has been featured in numerous industry publications, magazines and newspapers across the country. She is available for interview and speaking engagements. She can be reached by email at More information is available at the company’s website. The Alphatude Attitude is available at the AuthorHouse website listed below.

Ami Moore
The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog Wants You To Lead
ISBN – 9781434338631


Ami Moore, BS, COTA, CMT, CMVT, is a Credentialed Teacher and Adult Education Specialist, a Court Appointed Expert Witness for Dog Aggression, a Canine Behaviorist, a Nationally Certified Occupational Therapist, a WANT Institute Certified Personal Relationship Coach, a Native American Medicine Woman and Energetic Healer and is the author of Alphatude Attitude.

Ms. Moore has studied the role of the dog in modern life on five continents and in many different cultures which has given her an unique perspective on dog human relationships. She is a graduate of three highly rated dog training schools.

Ami Moore is skilled in three dog training methods: traditional training, clicker training and dog-friendly positive reinforcement electric collar training techniques. She has titled dogs in sports that require off-leash precision and reliability and has trained Service Dogs for adults and children with a wide variety of disabilities.


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