Monday, September 14, 2009

Debt Consolidation And Debt Settlement: Uninformed Consumers Can Lose Big Says Damon Day Of Damon Day And Associates

Hiring a debt settlement company can be a recipe for disaster. Negotiating credit card debt requires knowledge beyond what most of us possess. Layoffs, downsizing and the poor economy have dramatically increased the number of bankruptcy filings. Many consumers find it increasingly difficult to obtain unbiased and impartial advice.

Damon Day believes consumers do not get the kind of impartial advice they need to make informed decisions about debt consolidation, debt settlement and other credit issues. For this reason, he has founded Damon Day and Associates, an independent consulting firm that hopes to provide impartial, common sense advice without subjecting the consumer to the high pressure sales tactics used by most debt settlement companies. He is offering a no charge video presentation that will help consumers avoid taking actions that may have disastrous consequences.

“Today, more than any time in recent history,” said Mr. Day, “there is a tremendous need for consumers to have access to good, honest, financial advice. My number one priority is to educate clients about all the options available to them, not just those recommended by a particular company or firm that may or may not have their best interests at heart. I get great satisfaction when I save someone from making a big mistake.”

“At Damon Day and Associates, we attempt to cut through all the sales and marketing tactics for our clients. We hope to inform the consumer about not just some, but all of the options available. We expose the predatory tactics of the so called "debt help" companies that are just out to make a quick buck off of misinformed consumers. These companies typically do not have an incentive to actually provide the consumer with independent advice regarding the best solutions. On the contrary, they often have but one objective; to sign people up on their program. We strive to cut through all of this for our clients and offer them real solutions that work for them, rather than against them.”

There are many options for consumers who struggle today under the burden of a crushing debt load. These include debt rollup, debt consolidation loans, credit counseling services, negotiating settlements for less than the full amount, bankruptcy and, surprisingly perhaps, doing nothing at all. Which of these options is best?

“It depends completely,” said Mr. Day, “on the individual’s specific situation. That’s where we can be of real service as our clients can rest assured they are getting an objective analysis of all the options available to them.”

Mr. Day is available for interview by contacting him using the information below. More information, including the no charge video presentation, is available at the company website.


Damon Day has a degree in Business/Finance and has been assisting consumers dealing with overwhelming debts for almost a decade. He is passionate about educating consumers in regards to all debt settlement options.

His company, Damon Day and Associates, provides impartial objective advice to clients in regards to how they might make informed decisions by becoming aware of all the options available to them.


Damon Day
Damon Day & Associates

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