Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inception Is A Smash Hit Movie, But Is Lucid Dreaming A Fantasy Or A Real World Fact?

The hit movie Inception has struck a chord with people all over the world. Alysa Braceau, writing under the name Dreamshield and author of The Sorcerers Dream, reveals that there is more fact than fantasy in the storyline. Lucid dreaming and astral projection are real world phenomena and can be experienced by nearly anyone with the proper instruction and training

Most people are familiar with the work of Carlos Castaneda and his wildly popular works. The debate as to whether the experiences in his books are fact or fiction continues to this day. The recent smash hit movie, Inception, is a testament to the interest the subject of lucid dreaming holds for the public. Author Alysa Braceau gives us a glimpse into the very real world of lucid dreaming and astral projection. Her direct experiences with a modern day mystic, Running Deer, takes the work of Castaneda one step further. In her latest book, The Sorcerer’s Dream, she reveals the steps to mastering conscious dreaming and traveling to the unknown.

“This book,” stated Ms. Braceau, “is about my initiation into the sorcerer’s world and learning how to master the art of conscious dreaming. Shamans say the original purpose of the human being was to be a living dream weaver – a creator who experiences one's own dream. In the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, the naqual and sorcerer Running Deer taught me about the next stage which is termed ‘Monumental Beauty’. During this time I carefully recorded my experiences which led to the writing of The Sorcerer’s Dream.”

Ms. Braceau’s experience is unique, as she is a former journalist who was initiated into the world of shamanism, including lucid dreaming. Her journalism skills were put to good use in the penning of The Sorcerers Dream. The book covers everything: shamanism, dream analysis, lucid dreaming, astral projection, clairvoyance, visions, spiritual healing and even the dream interpretation. It is her direct experience with these subjects that sets The Sorcerer’s Dream apart from other books covering these subjects.

“The Sorcerer’s Dream,“ continued Ms. Braceau, “has become more than just a personal account. The interested reader is presented specific techniques to learn the art of conscious dreaming. Conscious dreaming opens up a whole new world of experience. If one can learn to dream consciously (dreaming while being aware that one is dreaming) one can control the dream events from within the dream. Using the techniques I describe in my book, anyone can achieve conscious dreaming in about 4 weeks.”

Ms. Braceau recently appeared on The Authors Show, radio version. Her interview can be heard by visiting www.TheAuthorsShow.com.

Ms. Braceau is available for media interview and can be contacted using the information below. More information, including a preview of the book, is available at her website at http://www.Dreamshield.nl. She can be contact by email at info@dreamshield.nl.

The Sorcerers Dream
ISBN: 978-1-60910-156-5


Author Alysa Braceau (Dreamshield) writes about her apprenticeship in the art of mastering conscious dreaming in her new release, The Sorcerer’s Dream. She also discusses techniques for conscious dreaming and traveling in the dreamtime and to receive information about healing. In the dreamtime, I also received my name Dreamshield.

A former journalist, she studied under the Indian mystic Running Deer. She has also presented courses and workshops in aura-reading, ThetaHealing and healing with gems.


Alysa Braceau