Monday, July 12, 2010

Steven Kessler, Publisher And Editor-in-Chief Of Nopoli Network News (NNN) And Its Political News Website Posts Open Letter To Obama

Kessler’s open letter invites President Obama to meet to discuss concerns regarding his performance to date. Kessler believes his letter represents the concerns of tens of millions of tax-paying American citizens and that those citizens deserve a response

Observing that President Obama spoke out against inappropriate political criticism in his recent University of Michigan commencement address, and after observing that he has been a registered Democrat for almost 50 years, and voted for President Obama in his presidential bid, Kessler goes on—in the politest of terms—to share his disappointment in the President’s performance to date.

Analogizing to the July 30, 2009 occasion when the President had black professor and white cop racial profiling disputants over to the White House to pursue their differences over a few beers, Kessler now invites the President to sit down with Kessler “at your place or mine” to discuss the concerns set forth in Kessler’s open letter to the President—which NNN’s board of editors believes represents the views of tens of millions Americans today.

“We voted for you,” Kessler stated in his letter, “because you promised ‘change.’ And ‘change’ was needed. We voted for you to be the leader of a new dawn. We took you at your word. We believed you. We wanted to believe you. So far, what we have received is just same ‘ol, same ‘ol political rhetoric and sound bites. No change there whatsoever.”

“‘We the people’ have respectfully reached out to the President in good faith,” stated Mr. Kessler, “we deserve a meeting with the President if he wants to be our genuine leader.”

Kessler even offers to bring the beer regardless of where the sit down is held. Will President Obama respond in kind—or at all—to this tasteful and good spirited outreach by this self-appointed representative of “we the people”?

For more information or to view the open letter, visit The National Organization For Political Integrity at Questions may be addressed to

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