Sunday, July 11, 2010

James J. Valko, Author Of The Find, To Appear On The Authors Show on July 14, 2010

Valko’s thriller mystery novel combines romance, quantum physics, ancient civilizations, ancient artifacts and adventure in one sweeping saga

James J. Valko, author of The Find, will appear on The Authors Show radio version on July 14, 2010 to discuss his latest book. The Find, a saga written in the mystery thriller genre, combines romance, quantum physics, ancient civilizations, long lost artifacts and heart pounding adventure. The book has been referenced as “‘The Da Vinci Code’ meets ‘Indiana Jones’”, “James Bond meets Lara Croft” and “Alduous Huxley meets Quentin Tarentino”.

Jesus, Buddha and Einstein all said it in different ways: Each said that reality is an illusion created by our thoughts—and that each of us possesses the power to mold reality with our minds.

In The Find, archeologists discover time capsules buried deep within the Grand Canyon left behind by a highly advanced civilization that lived on earth millions of years ago. In the wake of their demise, the “ancients” had buried their cherished spiritual secrets for a future race to find. They knew that earth’s next planetary civilization would perish unless they could harness the full mystic power of their minds.

We are that next civilization.

“Today,” stated Mr. Valko, “mankind is at a crossroads. In one direction is the potential for the greatest age of spiritual enlightenment and freedom the world has ever known. In the other direction is a world dominated by oppressive secret societies that seek population control by manipulating planetary trends through clandestine operations. Which path will we take? That remains to be seen. I wrote this book because there are forces at work in the world to create a one world government under the secret control of world bankers. The ultimate solution is spiritual in nature, not religious, but man's understanding of himself. If enough people understand the true nature of who they are, and what we are, they cannot be enslaved."

Although The Find is a work of fiction, it is steeped in the science of quantum physics, and, on the other hand, it exposes a societal “master plan” that many scholars believe is as real as the stars in the sky. The secrets The Find holds could change the course of mankind forever.

"I believe readers will enjoy this book,” Mr. Valko continued, “because, though it is fiction, it has to do with real events that are taking place in the world now. Spiritual secrets are revealed to the reader by means of a machine that an ancient civilization left behind on earth. The reader will experience a different look at reality that might just be the ultimate truth behind all of life. It's pure escapism, but is rooted in fact."

Mr. Valko will be appearing on The Authors Show Radio on July 14, 2010 at He is available for interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information is available at Mr. Valko’s website at The Find is available at Mr. Valko’s website and at most online book sellers.


James J Valko is a writer, author, philosopher, copywriter, musician and businessman.

Born in Evanston Ill, James worked as a free lance advertising copywriter and TV commercial producer for many years. In 2006 he started NuLean Inc., a company that manufactures and distributes a natural detoxification cleanse. Jim helped co-develop the NuLean products to allow people to gain control of their lives and become healthier by naturally cleansing toxins out of their body.

Still intrigued with the "big questions" about life, James wrote his first novel, The Find, to address those questions. The Find is a work of fiction that mixes romance, philosophy, quantum physics and adventure. James lives in Clearwater, Florida and is presently finishing his second novel, Ironwood, a love story.


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