Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Author Janice Weinheimer To Appear On The Authors Show TV To Discuss Her Latest Release 'The Illness That Healed Me'

Janice Weinheimer, author of 'The Illness That Healed Me', will appear on The Authors Show TV to discuss her latest release. The show will run through December 22, 2011

Janice Weinheimer will be appearing on The Authors Show TV through December 22, 2011, to discuss her latest release 'The Illness That Healed Me'.

'The Illness That Healed Me' is the story of Janice Weinheimer's illness, finding healing paths, recovering lost memories of sexual abuse in her childhood, and learning to deal with all the impact that four major and two minor perpetrators had on her life. It is an account of surviving sexual abuse and how she learned to follow a healing path. And, in following that healing path, she encountered peace.

"I wrote this book," stated Ms. Weinheimer, "because I was guided to from within. I wanted to be a voice for survivors of sexual abuse. My goal was to assist those traumatized by sexual abuse and to encourage them to take on their lives and to do the healing journey. I knew, by following the outlined steps, their lives could be changed forever. They could move out of the lower vibrational energy of constant fear, pain, and ego sabotage and move into the higher, healing vibrational energy of unconditional, divine love. In the journey, they would discover who they really are and that discovery would lead them to their true purpose for being.

Ms. Weinheimer has followed a very long and arduous path to healing. She learned that the healing path does not have a finish line. It is one that she continues to tread and from which she continues to learn. She has discovered healing is a journey rather than an experience. And foremost in that healing is the necessity of forgiving any and all who had caused her any grief and trauma in her life.

“I think readers will benefit from this book,” Weinheimer continued, “because it will direct and empower them past the emotional scars and into an inner realm of spirit and guidance. Fears, anxiety, and threats associated with the ego will be replaced with love, joy, and finally peace of the heart. It will move them from being a victim to taking control of their life’s journey. Anyone – men, women, young or old – will be assisted in climbing to a happier and healthier life – no matter what the issues. It will change the way they look at life and the world. It will bring a new perspective and a new paradigm.”

Ms. Weinheimer's interview will appear on The Authors Show TV version through December 22, 2011. She is available for interview and can be contacted using the information below or by email at 'The Illness That Healed Me' is available at the author’s website,, Barnes and Noble online and at most retail outlets.

The Illness That Healed Me
Vantage Press
ISBN-10: 0533161991


Janice M. Weinheimer was born in Pocatello, Idaho. She entered the University of Utah at age sixteen, graduating from Brigham Young University with a business education degree at twenty. Mrs. Weinheimer is also the author of 'Families Are Forever If I Can Just Get Through Today', the popularity of which led to her many speaking engagements across the country.


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