Friday, March 4, 2011

Bill Nerin, Author of 'A Couple Faces Death', Offers Real Hope For Widows And Widowers Who Deal With Grief

There are many who offer advice and tips for dealing with the death of a loved one. Tips and advice fall flat in the face of overwhelming loss. Bill Nerin is a family counselor and author who opened his journey through grief to the world in his latest book 'A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne', and demonstrates that there is hope for those who grieve

Loss of a loved one is never a question of 'if' - it is instead a question of 'when'. Death and dying, bereavement and grief are faced by all human beings. That is little comfort for those left behind to grieve. In 'A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne', author Bill Nerin does more than offer advice and platitudes - he instead shows us that events such as these can start us on the road to turning loss into love.

"From the day we discovered the melanoma in Anne," stated Nerin, "I returned to my journal writing. I shared some of my entries with close friends. They said, 'Bill, you have got to write a book. This is so helpful to us in thinking about our own dying.' I had no thought about writing a book, but if my friends got so much, perhaps a book could help others. And that is my purpose; that some may benefit by reading the book."

There are many fallacies surrounding the death of a spouse. The need to grieve in solitude, the sense of overwhelming loss - even the belief that widows grieve more than widowers. In 'A Couple Faces Death', Nerin shatters many of these widely held misconceptions. His journal entries demonstrate that we can turn loss into love.

"One of the greatest things we can come to discover," continued Mr. Nerin, "is how, in the very process of losing life, we can achieve a loving that is beyond anything previously experienced. It may lessen our fear of death and the grieving thereafter. Our journey shows how being open, discussing and accepting death as part of life can lead to greater wisdom and peace in the very midst of the sadness. Revealing my feelings, doubts, puzzles and thoughts by sharing my journal entries, will show that men grieve just as intensely as women, and can be open about it to their benefit. There are many concrete ideas that one may want to incorporate in their lives in preparing for death and what follows; for example the imaginative way Anne decided to say her goodbyes to her sons, brother and sister."

Mr. Nerin was recently interviewed on The Authors Show radio. The interview is available on his website. Mr. Nerin is available for speaking engagements and for media interview. He can be contacted using the information below. A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne' is available at his website and at The book includes a DVD of Anne speaking to college students about preparing for her death.

A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne
William Nerin
Magic Mountain Publishing
ISBN-10: 0964678934
ISBN-13: 978-0964678934


Bill Nerin served as a priest in the Catholic Church from 1951 to 1975. He graduated from Teachers College at Columbia University with a Masters in Family Life in 1965 and served as a Family Therapist from 1965 to 2001. He has served as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma from 1978 to the present. He is the author of three books; A Couple Faces Death: My Life After Anne, You Can't Grow Up Till You Go Back Home and Family Reconstruction: Long Day's Journey Into Light.


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