Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Author Jesse Birkey Releases 'Marriage: What's The Point?', One Couple's Story Of Triumph Over Infidelity

Infidelity is all over the newswires today - from Sandra Bullock to Ashlee Simpson, from Tiger Woods to Charlie Sheen - the list goes on and on. If we believe what is presented in the media, infidelity leads directly to the end of relationships. This is not always true however, as Jesse Birkey's new book demonstrates

In the past, infidelity was a subject seldom discussed in public. Recently however we have been bombarded with stories about infidelity - Sandra Bullock, Ashlee Simpson, Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen. These relationships, and thousands more like them, have ended in breakups due to infidelity. But infidelity need not be the end of a relationship. It can instead be the catalyst that leads to a new, more fulfilling relationship. Jesse Birkey, author of 'Marriage - What's The Point' doesn't just believe this is possible - he has lived through it and he, along with his wife Kara, have proved it.

"Marital tragedy," stated Mr. Birkey, "with total transparency isn't something that is talked about very much. There is an overwhelming amount of hurt and devastation out there in so many marriages. I believe that there is power in a testimony. But if the tragedy isn't talked about with transparency then there can't be a testimony. I wrote this book because of the power in my wife and I's testimony. We believe that this book can bring hope to those who have none and healing to the broken. This book was written while walking a path marked by tragedy, despair, hopelessness, desperation, transformation, reconciliation, and complete Holy Spirit saturation. This is a story of restoration."

'Marriage What's The Point' is the story of a powerful transformation of relationships, initiated by an instance of infidelity. Jesse Birkey married his school sweetheart, made a career as a firefighter/paramedic and had two beautiful children. His life was enviable and he found security in what he had until God allowed his most treasured relationship, his marriage, to be tested. It was this event that caused him to realize he needed a relationship with God. God restored his marriage, but even more importantly started him on a journey of understanding, true love and intimacy. He hopes 'Marriage What's The Point' can serve as an outreach for the hurting and broken and can serve as a message of hope in a world seemingly filled with divorce, failed relationships, broken dreams and broken hearts.

"Our hope for restored marriages rests in our willingness to be individually transformed by God. Our hope is that our story will take the reader past the superficial layers and deep into the depths of who we really are; exposing the pain, wounds and brokenness God desperately wants to heal, transform and restore.”

Jesse and Kara Birkey are available for media interview and can be reached using the information below or by email at jbirkey@marriagewhatsthepoint.com. They have appeared on The Authors Show, 'Home Keepers' with Arthelene Rippy, Michelle Wargo on 'Miracle Monday' and 'My Story Matters' with Angela Schaefers. 'Marriage What's The Point' is available at Birkey's website, Amazon.com and other outlets. More information is available at www.MarriageWhatsThePoint.com.

Jesse Birkey