Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Martin Luther King Remembered: Dr. Laurie Pappas Believes The Power To Create Change Also Lies Within Each Of Us

Racism and discrimination VS dignity and mutual respect - Martin Luther King's message will never be forgotten. A new memorial now stands in Washington DC in his honor. Though King became the leader, Dr. Laurie Pappas believes the power that inspired him also lies within each of us

Racial segregation and racial discrimination are issues that have plagued American society since the beginning. All of us are still affected by these issues nearly every day, even in this age of enlightened thought. Today a new memorial stands in honor of Martin Luther King, who offered the US a new vision based on dignity and mutual respect. Dr. Laurie Pappas shares in and supports King's vision, but believes he was not alone, as the power to bring about real change lies within each of us. She offers practical advice on overcoming conflict and creating personal peace in her book, 'The Loving Heart: Navigating the Journey from Conflict to Peace'. A long time spiritual counselor and life coach, she is now offering a limited number of no-charge consultations to those who wish to take the first steps towards creating peace.

"The unveiling of the Martin Luther King National Memorial," stated Dr. Pappas, "is a symbol of the power of the human spirit in all of its magnificence. As we look upon our country’s strides in civil rights over the past century and the determination and perseverance it has taken by so many to get where we are now, we can be reminded that the same strength of mind and fortitude resides within each one of us, as children of Divine Spirit. It reminds us that any dreams by any person anywhere can come true, and that the spiritual warrior inside of each of us is alive and well."

"Martin Luther’s King’s life prompts us to think about what we feel passionate about, and what we can do about it. It lends hope to all endeavors, courage to all challenges, and endurance to all prolonged ventures. We would be wise to remember this whenever we find ourselves frustrated, disheartened or hindered. We can do whatever we set our minds to, for we have that capacity. Now the visual representation of this truth stands tall in Washington DC. Dr. King, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the message of your life! You will not be forgotten."

Dr. Pappas presents her approach in 'The Loving Heart: Navigating the Journey from Conflict to Peace'. The book is supplemented by a workbook entitled 'The Loving Heart Companion'. Dr. Pappas has included over 30 years of observation and wisdom gained from personal experiences, as well as working with students, clients, family members and colleagues.

Dr. Pappas is offering a no charge consultation to the first three people who contact her with a request. Those who sign up for her email list receive daily inspirational messages to help them reprogram their minds to achieve greater happiness and peace. Participants also receive articles about once per month and a calendar of Dr. Pappas's classes. More information is available at her website.

Dr. Pappas also offers phone and in-person spiritual and metaphysical counseling, in addition to life coaching, classes, workshops, speaking engagements and teleclasses. More information on all the resources she offers is available at her website. Specific information on teleclasses is available by email. Dr. Pappas is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at 'The Loving Heart: Navigating the Journey from Conflict to Peace' and the accompanying workbook, 'The Loving Heart Companion', are available at her website,, Rittenhouse, Nacscorp and Expresso Book Machines.


Dr. Laurie Pappas is an educator, spiritual counselor, speaker, writer and life coach. Dr. Pappas is a recipient of the 2005 International Peace Prize, Key of Success Award, and Woman of the Year Award, bestowed by the United Cultural Convention of the United States of America for outstanding personal achievements to the good of society as a whole. She lives and teaches using ancient psycho-spiritual principles. She is the co-founder of the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing, a non-profit center, whose activities she directed for 16 years. She has been counseling for 22 years. She has taught classes and workshops and trained support group leaders, in addition to writing articles for a large metaphysical newspaper and is a frequent contributor to and


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